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Allergies and electrosmog sensitivity: Can be overcome by reducing stress on the liver

Wednesday, June 16 2004 - Filed under: General

In the summer I'm often sneezing like a madman. I think it's some sort of pollen allergy.
Using the RBTI ( ), I tested my health parameters over some time. I realized that each day I was sneezing a lot, my liver was quite weak. In the RBTI this is reflected by a very high saliva pH. An optimal pH for the saliva is 6.4. When I'm sneezing it's 7.5 - 7.6, which is very high (alkaline). When I feel good and I'm not sneezing, the liver pH is near 6.9-7.1.

So, after some fiddling around with the diet I found a diet which prevented the sneezing with 99% certainty. The solution is really easy: Don't eat anything past 16:00 hours. That way, the liver isn't burdened by processing the foods during the night, such that it can clean all debris from the last day.
When you wake up, you will find that the allergy seems to have magically disappeared. What really happened is that your blood is now a lot cleaner because the liver was able to do its work during the night. There's a lot less debris in the blood and hence the detoxing through sneezing isn't needed anymore.

How to make sure you don't get hungry in the evening ?
Again, very easy. Just take a big fat meal at 16:00. Cream (if you can tolerate it), or better: self-made sour cream with strawberries are perfect for this. Or a salad with lots of olive oil. Another alternative: Make a coconut oil shake. Take a generous amount of coconut oil (I mean really generous, say 70-100 grams), add two slices of chopped pineapple and blend shortly. Other fruits will do fine also.

This solution works flawlessly and works in 100% of the cases for me. I think it will work for other allergies also. I believe all allergies are a sign of extreme toxification of the body.
How well it works for you ? I don't know, but I'm sure you will want to give it a try.

As you probably know, the intestines are connected to the liver and all debris in the intestines can get absorbed and end up in the liver. So, when the intestines are functioning poorly (stuck debris, poor digestion, slow peristalsis to name some examples), you can expect auto-intoxication to take place. Here's a very interesting article on colon health and auto-intoxication:

Bonus: Also works very well for reducing electrosmog sensitivity
I'm also very sensitive to electrosmog from primarily high frequency waves and from fluorescent lights. To my amazement I discovered that this sensitivity would reduce to near zero, when I would apply a more strict version of the above dietary regime.
When I am performing a raw fat-fast, which means one big fatty meal with raw meat and egg yolks in the morning and no other food for the rest of the day, my sensitivity to electrosmog becomes so low that I didn't even realize that a DECT phone ( ) was installed.

This backs up the theory that the damage from electrosmog is caused by opening of membrames in the body. Studies show that high frequency radiation opens up the blood-brain barrier ( ) and upsets the calcium channels in the cells. Because of the fat-fast, the liver/kidneys gets a lot of head-room and can get rid of all toxins/debris in the blood much easier.
When confronted by for example a DECT phone, the blood-brain barrier still opens, but this time no excess debris flows inside the brains and no electrosmog symptoms (brainfog, fuzzyness, low energy, headache) take place.

Please note that this is based on a few experiences by one person and it's not clear if this helps for everyone, but I think it will.
I also heard from other electro-sensitive people that a Hulda Clark liver-cleanse seems to alleviate the sensitivity.

Second note: The change in diet will probably not be a permanent fix. The question one needs to ask is: Why do I have so many toxins in my body. One will have to check the intestines to make sure no auto-intoxication takes place. I have a strong feeling this is the prime cause of both allergies and e-smog sensitivity.

Third note: If you give it a try, please let me know what are your results.

Update June 17 2004
From visitors of the Healing Crow Community I received two interesting replies. Here they are:

Start of Reply 1
Why do you attribute this to the liver? Allergies are very much associated
with candida. It could be that fasting starved your pathogens and temporarily brought them under control. I know someone who after 3 months of 12 PD (Ed: This is Primal Defense probiotics) a day no longer has any allergies for the first time in 40 YEARS (and no more gut problems). See article below recently picked up by many newspapers here in the US and recently posted on HC (Ed: HealingCrow Community) by someone:
End of Reply 1

Start of Reply 2
Just throwing in an observational comment. My husband has always gotten spring bronchitis and the standard hayfever (stuffed up, itchy eyes), I would usually spend a month around April with my sinuses on strike. Both of us sailed through spring without a sniffle or tear and he's amazed. His diet is better (not totally SCD (Ed: Specific Carbohydrate Diet by Elaine Gottschall), but definitely thinking about what's going into his mouth more), but he was eating this way last year. This year he's good about taking his PD (Primal Defense) and Living Multis. So I'm more inclined to lean towards the candida/parasite explanation for allergies. I know several folks have gone on PD and had improvement in sinus problems ...
End of Reply 2

And here follows my response:

Start of Ed's response
Thanks a lot for your input. I'll add the information on my site.
Candida can be the sole cause of the allergies, but it also impacts the liver.
Whatever goes wrong in the intestines/colon will also show up in the liver.
By getting rid of candida or whatever is in the gut, much less toxins end up in the blood, which through the portal vein ends up in the liver.
If the liver is burdened a lot by these toxins the body might try to use other pathways to get rid of toxins: Perhaps the sneezing is one of these ?

I was looking in the direction of the liver because my RBTI tests indicate very poor liver function when I'm sneezing (saliva pH 7.5-7.6) and moderate liver function (saliva pH 6.9-7.1) when not sneezing.
By fasting, the liver pH eventually drops to the optimal 6.4 (takes about 5 days of fasting for me). By fat-fasting I can keep the liver pH below 7.1 and this prevents the sneezing.

I think there might a combination of factors:
1. The liver is burdened by extra work due to toxins from the intestines (endotoxins, undigested foods, rotting debris, etc)
2. The extra load of digesting foods (the liver must supply all enzymes to the intestines, pancreas, etc) then gets too high

By cleansing the intestines from ''unpopular inhabitants'', much less toxins end up in the liver and all of a sudden it isn't burdened as much and it can digest foods while leaving some head-room.
By skipping one meal per day, the liver can continue cleansing toxins from the blood and isn't burdened by digesting/processing foods. When you wake up in the morning, your blood is much cleaner than when you would have eaten a late evening meal (or when you go to bed late).

Anyway, I do believe that unhealthy intestines are one of the most important causes why the liver is burdened so much in lots of people.
I'm not sure if yeasts in the respirotary tract are the prime cause of allergies. I personally think it's more complicated and it has more to do with toxic blood and alternative elimination pathways and the immune system reacting to these toxins.

Here's an interesting quote:
''The liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys and lymph nodes are all important in the body's immune system. When these organs are weak, they may be overworked and become overactive and as a result antibodies may be over-produced which cause the body to react to many harmless substances unnecessarily (allergy) or attack the body's own organs (e.g. lupus), nerves (e.g. multiple sclerosis) or joints (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis).''

The RBTI also says (based on experience) that allergies are a sign of toxification: Too many toxins in the blood, such that any extra toxin causes the liver to ''flow over'', forcing the body to look for alternative ways to eliminate the toxins (through mucus, skin, etc)
This is from Dr. Beddoe's book on the RBTI:
''Allergy Pattern: reflected any time toxic build up which would be reflected in extreme pH patterns. ''allergy'' reflected in softer tissue like mucus membranes of upper body-head and neck is shown in increased anionic ratio's (Ed:means pH >+/-7). When pH is increasing in cationic ratio's (pH <+/-6) the ''allergy'' pattern would show effects on the sufrace of the body and in harder tissue like the skin. Any time this pattern shows it could also be reflecting toxic reactions to exposure to plants, animals, medicines, and other environmental substances because of body breakdown waste already over loading the system.''

This confirms my situation: I have increased anionic ratio's (both liver and urine pH above 7.0) and hence the allergy shows up in the mucus membrames of upper body/head/neck, and hence the sneezing.
End of Ed's response

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