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Health and disease

Wednesday, April 11 2007 - Filed under: General

Health and disease
My view, based on my research and experiences

True Health
The main factors that determine either health or disease are the psyche/emotions and the physical terrain inside the body. To make it more complex, these are intertwined. It’s the suppressed emotions that cause health problems. Each and every emotion has a specific location in the body. A person who shows all his/her emotions and follows his/her intuition and has relived all old suppressed emotions will be in perfect health. This person will have a certain glow over him, a spark in the eyes, a smooth and elastic skin, a very positive attitude, a strong inner smile, a youthful and playful appearance. It will prove to be quite difficult to get this person upset or stressed. He/she smells great, doesn’t need any artificial flavours and anti-perspirants. What will be most apparent is the smooth movements of his/her body, eyes and face, i.e. the absence of physical blockades in the body. He/she is also strong and doesn’t let other people walk over him in any way, but is also very compassionate. People (especially young and natural children) and animals really like to be around him/her as he/she feels like nature itself. To be in such a perfect health condition requires an abundance of essential minerals and vitamins in the body and an absence of toxins like heavy metals and unwanted chemical substances. The body has amazing capabilities to rid itself of toxins, but this depends on a proper flow of chi (subtle life energy). Suppressed emotions block the chi-flow and hence cause two things: toxins start to build up and also mineral reserves start to drop due to lowered “magnetism”.

Bacteria, viruses and other “scary” stuff
Bacteria, viruses and other external influences don’t have much effect on the health at all. In fact they are results of the terrain inside the body. The terrain can be regarded in a pure physical way but should be extended to include both the physical and energetic/emotional situation. When there are plenty of toxins and emotional blockades, bacteria and viruses will “thrive”, but are in fact helping to clean up the mess. Note: when the “mess” is just too big, the bacteria will end up cleaning the entire body. The bacteria will be blamed but it’s the toxins and blocked energy flow that killed the person. Fighting bacteria and viruses is useless, changing the terrain is what’s needed, just like Antoine Bechamp already said a century ago. Please note that high blood sugars are also part of the terrain and can give excessive fuel to bacteria; infections can occur very easily when too many carbohydrates are eaten, especially when mineral reserves (which the glucose regulation depends on) are low. (see below for dietary changes you could make).

Healing protocol
A proper healing protocol must target both factors. It should address the emotional situation, but also the physical terrain. Suppressed emotions need to be released, while mineral reserves need to be replenished and old physical toxins should be excreted.

Emotional healing
The first and most important step is to realize that there are no good or bad emotions. Emotions have no polarity, they just “are”. Accept that and your health gains will be much more swift. People often call anger a “negative emotion”, whereas friendliness is supposed to be a “positive emotion”. Both are plain false labels. By accepting that anger is a true and sincere emotion, you will be able to just be angry when you feel that way. By labelling it as being “negative”, you will probably block the emotion and “store” it in your body as a blockade, starting a chain reaction that will decrease your health even further. One thing to keep in mind is that massive amounts of old, suppressed emotions can be triggered by something very small. If you don’t understand this, you will get angry on the wrong persons for the wrong reasons. For example: you get a burst of anger when your kid tosses over the glass of water, while in fact you’re angry because your ex-spouse ripped you off.
Learn to love yourself again, allow yourself to be sad when you are, be able to cry again even if you’re a cool muscle guy.

Physical healing
Of high importance is the diet and the lifestyle. Stop eating toxins, stop putting toxins (read skin creams, anti-perspirants, and so on) on your skin and in your teeth (mercury fillings) and stop smoking. To refill the mineral balance start eating foods that donate minerals and nutrients to your body instead of extracting them. If you’re vegetarian seriously consider to start eating some meat again. Start eating egg yolks, butter, cream, (raw) organic organ meats and animal fats, bones, nuts and other high mineral foods. Stop eating all refined products and reduce the amounts of grains, beans and starches in your diet. Furthermore, take into account your digestive capabilities: liver is a wonderfully rich food, but if your digestive juices are too weak, the food will only cause maldigestion and constipation and hence introduce more toxins. In that case stick to egg yolks which are very easy to digest. The same applies to raw foods: raw meats are extremely powerful and healthy foods, but cook them thoroughly (in water to even further predigest them) if you have problems digesting them.

Almost all carbohydrate foods are depleting the mineral stores because of the simple fact that they contain less mineral than what’s needed to properly digest and metabolize the food in the first place. Worst foods of course are foods that contain refined sugars and starches like soda pops, cookies, but also bread. Bread made from non-refined grains seems tempting, but isn’t a good idea at all. Yes, it contains more minerals than the white-wheat version, but it also contains all the defence toxins naturally found in all grains: gluten, opioids, vitamin-inhibitors, mineral-inhibitors, enzyme-blockers. Birds have developed in such a way that they can handle all these toxins. We humans can’t. When we eat grains, the digestive enzymes are blocked, minerals can’t be absorbed and even worse: the intestinal lining is damaged due to the gluten. Over time, mineral absorption will decrease and decrease, causing greater and greater deficiencies in the long run. Beans and legumes in general possess the same or comparable properties. In fact, despite the industrial effort to push soy, soy beans are the worst.

There is an easy solution: switch to natural, unrefined fats for your energy needs. Full of energy, up to 11 calories per gram (versus 4 per gram for carbohydrates), very low mineral needs to properly digest and metabolize them and they are full of vitamins and other positive substances. Only eat natural fats, i.e. fats which you could have eaten in bigger amounts if you were a hunter/gatherer: animal fats, cream, butter, coconut fat, olive oil. No sunflower oil, no soy bean oil, no corn oil, no safflower oil, etc. Stay away from polyunsaturated fatty acids like those in most (except coconut and palm) vegetable oils. If you do eat it, do so only in very small amounts and only when cold-pressed and unrefined.

Proteins should be eaten only for supplying building blocks. Eating excessive proteins hinders the body quite a bit. It’s a very inefficient energy source, even compared to carbohydrates. Each gram of protein eaten beyond your daily need increases the strain on your body and serves no purpose. When you eat plenty of fats and only a few carbohydrates your metabolism switches to anabolic instead of the catabolic (carbohydrate-related) state. This anabolic state means that your muscles and tissues won’t be broken down and converted into glucose and allows you to eat very small amounts of proteins on a daily basis. 50 grams (pure protein, steak is 20% protein) should be enough for most people.

Emotional healing, advanced
An important thing to change in your daily life is to start and reserve time for your self. To get in touch with your emotions and your old suppressed emotions lots of quality time is needed in a peaceful quiet home situation. Lots of people have agenda’s which are more blue (ink) than white. If this is the case for you, you won’t make much progress, as your body needs lots of rest of (semi)-meditative quality to start healing. Empty your mind, give your body a rest and nature will start working.

When you get more in touch with your feelings, you will start to learn what it really is in life that you’re looking for. Also, you will discover old fears, angers, worries, irritations and sadness in your life, which you haven’t fully expressed in the past. Try not to block these emotions when they surface, instead embrace them, confront them and learn from them. If for example you feel an old fear and you remember the situation that caused this fear, you can try to look for comparable situations and then overcome the fear, step by step (small steps are advisable) by confronting the fear, but realising that you’re in control now. If the fear gets too overpowering when you try to confront it, just leave it be. Just go and confront it next time again. The simple decision to try and confront the fear in the first place, already brought you a step closer to letting go of the fear. Over time, the fear will decrease in magnitude and some day the old fear, which subconsciously had played a big role in your life up till then, will be gone. Each and every suppressed emotion which you have allowed yourself to live and let go, will increase your health, both on the emotional and physical level. It will also change the way you live your life as each suppressed emotion causes specific patterns to emerge.

Healing Tao
You could also decide to start taking Healing Tao courses, which is a millennia old scientific healing system which has its roots in Asia. The first few years when you start training Healing Tao focus on regaining contact with your body and all suppressed emotions inside yourself. By doing the Chi Kungs (energy exercises) and meditations and tapping into the vast amount of knowledge of this healing system, your healing speed will increase a lot. Other healing systems can be used also, but at least choose one that focuses on the body and the suppressed emotions in the first levels. Yoga for example focuses more on the spiritual aspects and much less on the emotional and physical aspects and might in some cases even worsen your physical and emotional health. Healing Tao focuses on letting your energy body enter your physical body completely again, whereas Yoga focuses on spiritual awareness, neglecting the body, in fact even increasing the distance between the energy and physical body.

Physical healing, advanced
To aid your body in getting rid of toxins you could use special foods and supplements. For example, if you have a lot of heavy metals like mercury in your body, you could use special chelators to get rid of the highly toxic metal. A great book on this topic can be found here: . If you feel a lot of suppressed anger is arising (which resides in the liver), your physical liver will have a lot of problems coping with the situation and could hence make use of specific liver-boosting supplements (eating pork liver is great for this by the way).

Practical information:
In the physical realm, lots of diseases are caused by effects of toxins on the tissues and nervous system. Very complex situations can arise for example when the levels of mercury in the body get too high. It affects the thyroid, which in turn controls calcium regulation, which in turn affects magnesium and so on. And that's just one of the many effects of mercury. Just get rid of the toxins using physical detox and emotional ''detox'' and all these complex effects on other minerals, on hormones, and on the body in the general will disappear.. But it will take quite some time (years, but probably decades) to get rid of the toxins and suppressed emotions that you've gathered your entire life.

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