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New Summary of New Treatments

Thursday, March 27 2014 - Filed under: General

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After gaining a lot of experience and reading many books, articles and studies, I've learned that it's possible to prevent most diseases and regain your health by embracing a more natural life style. Especially the Western (stressed) life style, the Western (high carbohydrate, unnatural) diet, and the way we handle our emotions in developed countries, are factors that are causing disease.

To stay healthy, and to regain your health, here are the most important guidelines:
* Allow yourself plenty of rest
* Eat a natural diet of unprocessed foods
* Allow your emotions to flow (sufficient rest is needed for this)
* Ensure a low exposure to electromagnetic radiation, electrical fields and magnetic fields in your house (especially bedroom)
* Ensure a low exposure to chemicals, metals, polution. Breath fresh, clean air
* Practice aerobic sports (or chi kungs or other exercise like gardening)

Jump Start
If you haven't lived like this for decades, the odds are you are suffering from mineral deficiencies, you have chemicals and (heavy) metals inside your body, and a lot of suppressed emotions are blocked inside of you. In that case, you should adopt the above guidelines, but also give yourself a jumpstart:
* Eat an even larger portion of the best foods nature can offer like organic egg yolks, organ meats like liver, kidney, heart
* Use specific mineral and vitamin supplements to reduce the deficincies
* Go to special classes that can help you get in touch with your body and your blocked emotions. I've had very good experiences with Healing Tao (a.k.a. Universal Tao)
* If you have silver (mercury) fillings, consider removing those (check first with a specialized biological dentist)
* If you have a heavy metal burden, use chelation protocols to get those out (details on this site)

The human body is very capable to heal itself and to prevent disease. Once you enter the ''rest-mode'', especially when you can also turn on the ''relaxed and happy'' state, your body will start producing healing substances, your organs will start cleaning themselves. As long as you stay in the ''stressed'' mode, the body will keep squeezing every last bit of energy out if its reserves, until one day you die or you ''all of a sudden'' suffer from a grave disease.

Natural Diet
Dr. Weston Price discovered that healthy people are those people that eat a natural diet consisting of unprocessed foods like eggs, (fatty) meats, bone broths, leafy vegetables and only small amounts of grains, beans. Those foods are filled with minerals, vitamins, healthy proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Get rid of all processed foods, especially stuff like coffee, sugar, wheat flour, bread...

There is a direct correlation between the health of the organs in our body and the emotions we allow ourselves to feel. If you decide not to feel your emotions (also the ''negative'' ones; which aren't negative by the way) like anger, grief, irritation, fear, the corresponding organs will suffer and eventually you'll develop a disease in the corresponding organ..

To be completed..

Chemicals, polution
To be completed..

To be completed..

Furthermore these might help:
* Get enough sunlight (especially a problem in the Northern countries)
* Have a social life
* Try to earn your own money, be self dependent..

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