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Vaccination, The Pasteur false Germ-Theory vs Bechampe Cellular Theory

Thursday, November 21 2002 - Filed under: General

I've collected some links with information on both Pasteur and Bechamp
and also on vaccination..
I have no definite answers, but these articles are very interesting..

Here they are:

There's More to Vaccination than the Shot
Get the Facts. Know Your Rights
by Sharon Kimmelman

Pasteur exposed - the False foundations of Modern medicine
Scroll down to 50% of the document

A short overview / summary of Pasteurs's Germ Theory vs. Bechamp's
Cellular Theory

Pasteur was a plagiarist, and a bad one at that

Chapter Nineteen---Vaccination of the 1908 book Nature Cure

The book, The Third Element of the Blood by Bechamp can be found here:

The book, Pasteur, Plagiarist, Imposter can be found here:
and in PDF

I also found a new health-related website, which is full of

The part about vaccinations is very interesting:

An interesting discussion on pleomorphic microbes, bechamp, rife,
pasteur, etc

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