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Helminthic worms therapy for Crohn's disease by Dr. Weinstock

Monday, January 20 2003 - Filed under: General

I received this promising e-mail some time ago:


I think you ought to add some, if not all, of the links listed below to your site. They are all related to Dr Weinstock and the ongoing testing (a few hundred patients with Crohn's) of the helminthic worms as a complete ''relief'' from Crohn's. Apparently, people become symptom free within a few weeks, while still on a SAD diet! Hence, it should be extremely effective when the load of a SAD diet is not present!

Dr Weinstock was unsure how it would be sold (OTC or prescription) and what company would sell the worm-eggs (they should be very cheap since they are a naturally occuring organism (i.e. no patent => no absurd margins), but that they most likely would become availiable in Europe by mid 2003.

I can hardly wait!


Update July 2005:
Helminth therapy can be acquired at web site .

Update September 2007:
Please check this website. It contains a testimonial. And it explains how you can infect yourself with these worms..

How to cure your asthma or hayfever using hookworm

Also check the Wikipedia article on this subject. Lots of updates information: .

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