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Effective Micro Organisms (EM-1) causes remission of Crohn's disease !

Thursday, March 06 2003 - Filed under: General

Below is a message from The Healing Crow, which I thought I'd share with you:
The Healing Crow can be found here: and the newsgroup

The actual message starts here
February 16th 2003
Hello List!

I have some really good news that I think most of you will find very interesting.

For about a week now, I've been ingesting large amounts of a probiotic brew called Effective Microorganisms (EM). I have Crohn's disease. Results have been rather astonishing! Initially, I went through a rough couple of days with increased D and gas. I reckon this was because of a major shift in intestinal flora balance. Then, things calmed down to a level I've never experienced before. I feel very robust in my abdomen and I've had LOTS of energy and very good BMs (Bowel Movements)!

For social reasons, I had a pizza this Wednesday. Well, historically, that should have resulted in D and increased visits to the toilet for a few days, maybe a week if I was unlucky. So what happened? Nothing. Ok, I had some increase in gas... but that was it! On top of this, I've felt incredibly energetic and clearheaded. It's almost as if I can feel them little guys invading my system and hunting down the bad guys (or whatever it is that is in there that is causing all the problems). And it's only been a week!

Now, I'm still following a mostly raw version of SCD, but since diet alone never really got me into a 100% solid remission, I have continued to look for alternatives. My latest ''finding'' is this wonder called EM. Actually, judging from the past week, it's the most promising thing I've found since I took my quest for health into ''my own hands'' three year ago (I'm 23 years old).

EM comes originally from Japan and is primarily, in the western world, used in organic farming to increase crop yield (!). In Japan, it is also widely used as a health drink. As a nice side effect during the brewing process, the culture of organisms produces vast (VAST!) quantities of antioxidants (this being somewhat more interesting than usual, considering the ''e-vit-treatment for uc'', recently posted to this list).

Oh, did I mention that it is ridiculously cheap? You buy a source-culture called EM-1 from one of the many international resellers (maybe $20 for a litre, from which you then can brew 20 litres in total of the Activated form of EM-1 called AEM (the stuff that you'll actually ingest)). At my current consumption of about 2-3 dl a day (I plan to increase till I reach about 5 dl a day), that one source bottle will last me a long time. So, while not being free, it's pretty close!

So, what makes EM special? Well, for starters, the combination of organisms in EM tend to be very dominant in the sense that they will rather easily dominate the environment into which they are released (read: intestinal tract). This fact, interwoven with the vast quantity of organisms that you'll actually get into your system, makes it a winning concept.

A small warning to some of you here: the precise constitution of EM-1 is somewhat mysterious, and it is probably not something that fundamentalist SCDers would try (i.e. it contains lifeforms that are not recommended by Elaine). For me personally, results is what counts. SCD did not get me the results I wanted (perhaps I did it wrong!), so I went further. I've tried a shipload of different things for my CD: herbal programs, electronic devices (zapper etc.), energy medicine etc. Even though some of these things helped... none of them provided me with long lasting results (at a reasonable price measured in side effects). Also, EM is not recommended for human use by most of the distributors in the western world (even though it is widely used in Japan). Sort of an industrial probiotic :-)

In a way, EM can be viewed as a very powerful kind of Primal Defence, but with a wider set of organisms (symbiosis being a key issue here), and far far more quantity than you'd get from the supplement. I personally was on PD before I started EM, and it did result in some progress over a period of a few months, but nothing compared to what EM has given me in just a week! Looking back seven days, it has been a steady climb towards greater well-being since then. I wonder where all this is going! :-) I can't help but be extremely excited about all this.

I feel that I'm running out of superlatives here! I was introduced to EM by a guy on another e-list I'm a member of ( , basically a raw foods diet list). He was so amazed by the results he got from ingesting this stuff, that he decided to research it further. It resulted in a very informative website that has all the info you need to know to get started with EM (it is very extensive, but I highly recommend that you read it all, though perhaps not in one sitting):

If you need more info, a search on Google for some of these words will get you what you need: ''EM-1'', ''Effective Microorganisms'', ''EMRO'', ''Activated EM'', ''EM Extended''.

The source-culture that you'll need to make your own brew can be purchased all over the world. In the US, the main distributor is called EM Trading. Here are a few links to different distributors around the world + some general EM links: (USA) (list of European distributors) (Netherlands) (Danish supplier) (general info)'

As far as I know, I'm the first one with IBD to try this. So far, it's looking like a cure... too early to tell though (I usually get overly excited about new health modalities that I try). But, judging from what it has accomplished in only a week, it is looking very very good!

I really hope those of you who're not satisfied with SCD alone will take a long deep look into what EM is really all about, and then hopefully decide to give it a try. It would be very interesting to hear from other IBDers who try this.

Ahhh... now I think I'll just sit back in my big chair and enjoy the nirvana, that has found it's way into my intestines :-)

Best regards from Sweden!

The New J.

February 20th, 2003
I bought mine from Denmark. However, I think there are other resellers closer to you. Have a look at this link:

Remember, it is imortant that you specifically ask for ''EM-1'', and not just ''EM'', to receive the right product.

Let us know how you fare once you try it!

February 21th, 2003
Here's an interesting quote on EM:
''Interestingly, Dr. Higa has pointed out in several lectures that all three groups of organisms (listed above) have been found throughout the history of the human race in fermented foods, although only the first two groups (lactic acid bacteria and yests) have traditionally been used in Western cultures for food fermentation. It is believed that the apparent ability of some forms of miso and natto (traditinal Japanese fermented soy foods) is in part due to the antioxidant products of fermentation, some believe that may be partially due in particular to the presence and action of phototrophic bacteria. Incidentally, most phototrophic organisms are obligative anaerobes, meaning that they thrive in an anoxygenic environment. Indeed, many species are found at the bottom of the sea or lake beds, or in deep soil. Phototropic bacteria species will not activate or start and reproducing unless they are exposed to either sunlight or food, or both. Further, while lactic acid bacteria and yeasts feed voraciously on molasses, which is the historically-favored culture media for stock EM1 and for Activated EM (aka EM Extension) and other EM applications, phototrophic organisms do not feed well at all on molasses; they vastly prefer animal waste products, other wastes or even toxic wastes or pollutants (although they can apparently survive on the wastes of yeast and lactic acid bacteria -- indeed that is part of their mutual interdependence and synergy.

I have deduced (and this has been confirmed by EMRO) that in EM stock culture and in Activated EM, the phototrophic bacteria survive and grow (if slowly) on the wastes from the other two groups of organisms. So, the phototrophic organisms are (deliberately) not increased as greatly in population count (volume) when EM1 is cultured on molasses, but rather stay somewhat dormant, awaiting a wake-up call by exposure to either a good light source or to a good food (again, their idea of food is waste and toxic waste...) This will often happen only when EM encounters waste products, as when diluted Activated EM comes into contact with animal wastes, soil, toxins, or sunlight (or both!) Further, while the first two families of organisms produce a brew which is very clean-smelling, with a fresh, sweet and sour smell and taste, phototrophic organisms, if present and active in very large quantities, may (not always) produce a bit of a ''low-tide'' sulfur smell or taste. This is due to the fact that many phototrophic bacteria are sulfur-loving and often produce sulfur compounds (such as thiols or mercaptans) as one of their waste products.''

February 22nd 2003
A message forwarded, originally by Vinny Pinto
----- Original Message -----
From: Vinny Pinto (M)
Sent: Saturday, February 22, 2003 2:16 AM
Subject: EM-1 The EM Pages on My Website Have Moved a Bit!

Hi folks:

Due to the incredible increase in size and count of the pages devoted to EM
(Effective Microorganisms) on my RPD website, and to the massive traffic
volume, I have moved all of the EM pages from the main directory on the
site to a new dedicated EM subdirectory on that website, forming a subsite
devoted exclusively to EM and related topics. Here is the link for the new
location of the main page for the EM sub-site:

The main EM page contains a full Table of Articles (or Sections) for all
articles in the EM site pages. I have managed to keep the page count to
five pages, although each one is now a bit longer than before. The
articles cover:
-- a debunking of popular myths about EM
-- Frequently Asked Questions
-- Making Activated EM (aka EM Extension)
-- Some notes on making an antioxidant-rich, nutrient-rich, EMX-like beverage
-- Some notes on the incredible array of antioxidants and nutrients found in EM
-- Some human uses of EM, including health, drinking, etc.
-- Some esoteric human uses of EM, including concentrating or creating
ormus elements as nutritional supplements
-- and much more....


with care,

Vinny Pinto
vinny at (primary e-mail address)

February 25th, 2003
Hello Everyone!

It has been a very interesting and exciting week. It's now been a little over two weeks since I started ingesting the bacterial/yeast-brew called EM (to try to finally get a grip on my Crohn's).

As some of you might remember, I posted to this list after I'd been using EM for only a week (simply because I felt so great, I had to tell somebody who could relate).

The results so far? Well, things have kept improving. My BM's are now close to perfect, and come during ''normal'' circumstances (around breakfast for me) without urge nor effort, once or twice a day. I feel incredibly robust and calm in my abdomen. In a way, I guess you could say I don't feel it at all! This is despite eating foods that usually cuase quite a lot of upset (a pizza here and there, some chocolate, some bread etc). I do notice that I get some increase in gas when I eat too much of the nasty stuff (yesterday for example, I ate two chocolate bars (I know!) and a few muffins (the bad sugary kind), which resulted in some gas in the evening, though nothing uncomfortable. I guess even ''normal'' people get similar slight symptoms when they eat too much of such things. But, what makes this so interesting is that the food doesn't really seem to impact my BM's much at all anymore! The good ones just keep coming.

I was planning on writing more on my incredible energy levels here :-) but since I realize this is starting to sound too good to be true, I think I'll just stop here for now. Actually, I myself am starting to think that it's too good to be true... I'll just keep on enjoying my new life, try to dicipline myself to only eat ''bad'' food for social reasons (though it's hard, when you don't really pay for your slips), and I'll write another update in a week or so.

By the way, has anyone else here tried EM yet? It would of course be extremely interesting to see if these results can be achieved in other people with IBD (I have Crohn's of the ileum, 1 ileo-cecal resection).

Remember: EM is not like other probiotics. For one thing, it is very ''alternative'', and is not sold for human consumption (yet). For another, it's ridiculously cheap (compared to things like PD or Custom probiotics). From one litre of source culture (which costs about$20), you can make 20 litres on your own (approx. 4 gallons) at home.

Take care!

February 28th, 2003
Hello List,

I just thought that I'd report on my ''progress'' with EM the last few days. The other day I went overboard and simply ate too much junk food (even for a normal person, it would be too much). Naturally, it resulted in loose BMs the following two days. Despite being a setback, it was interesting to note that it did NOT result in several days of cramping and persistent D, like it used to do before EM.

So, for now I will go back to my mostly ''good'' diet for a few weeks and hope that EM will be able to do even more wonderful things when it is left to work without 'disturbances'.

I've also been experimenting with something called EM-X. It is supposedly extremely rich in minerals and antioxicants (from the reducing environment induced the the phototropic bugs). I've only tried it once so far, in small quantity, but it coincided with my indulgence in bad food, so it was impossible to judge the effects. Be aware that many people who have reported good results with EM have also reported subsequent even better results with EM-X (homemade)... which is why I'm so interested in it.

Let's keep each other updated!

March 5th, 2003
Things are going quite well. I'm drinking EM throuhgout the day when convenient; in total perhaps two cups of AEM.

I finally found my old dicipline again, after two weeks of eating 'questionable' food almost every day. An interesting observation is, even though my BMs were not perfect during this time, they were not bad either. This fact, combined with the energy and general well being that I'm feeling (especially the way I do NOT ''feel'' my digestive tract anymore), leads me to believe that EM has somehow taken care of the inflammatory part of my problem. What's left is probably a sub-optimal digestive system, that will hopefully improve with time.

March 6th, 2003, a quick-start guide
This is what you'll need to get started with EM:

1. The ''EM-1'' source culture. Usually sold in 1 litre bottles. 1 litre is enough to make 22 liters of Activated EM (AEM).
2. Molasses. Since you will be mixing molasses, EM-1 and water in a 1:1:20 ratio to make AEM, you'll need a litre of good molasses as well (note: molasses is NOT the same things as syrup). I suggest you order it from the EM-1 distributor, or ask them where you can buy it locally.
3. This one is optional, but it can be convenient to have a pH-meter/paper to be able to really know when the brew is ok to drink (when it reaches below pH 4 (usually levels out at pH 3.7-3.9). But, I guess you allready know all about measuring pH :-) I don't measure the pH. You can also tell that when it has been bubbling for a day or so, the pH will have dropped to the right range.

I think you'll be able to get all of the above items from , which is the EM-1 supplier for the Netherlands.
For other countries, check the list of suppliers at the beginning of this document.

March 7th, 2003, Ed just ordered a batch of EM-1 and Molasses
I just called Agitron, The Netherlands and ordered 1 liter of EM-1 and 1 liter of Molasses. The prices are quite low. It's less than 30 euro's for the entire package including shipment costs, and a manual. This kit is enough to make 22 liters of probiotics..

I spoke to a very friendly woman on the phone.. If everything goes right, I will get my package tomorrow.. Then I'll start the brewing and in a few days time, you'll see my results here..

March 13th, 2003, Ed starts making first batch of EM-1
Ed: I received the EM-1 and the Molasses Saturday, the 8th of March. Very quick delivery.
Today, I bought two plastic 2.5 liter containers, ment for keeping foods. They come with a lid, that will easily slide off when the pressure increases. Because it's good to maintain some pressure during the brewing, I'll just add something heavy on top of the lid. When the pressure builds up, the lid will move up and the excess gass will flow out. After that the lid will be pressed in place again due to the weight.

Here's a quick summary of the instructions, as taken from:

The ratio's are 1:1:20 EM:Molasses:Water, so in total 22 parts. So, each part is 4400cc/22 = 200 cc, which is 0.20 liters.

So, these are the needed ingredients to make 5 liters of activated EM-1:
* 0.20 liters EM-1
* 0.20 liters Molasses
* 4.00 liters of warm water at about 40-43 degrees celcius (110F)

Mix all the above in a plastic jug/container, close the lid, and put it in a place with a temperature of 35 degrees celcius (95F). An oven is perfect for this.
Now leave it there for a few days.
Now, you have to wait for the brew to start bubbling (off-gassing) and for the pH level of the brew to drop to below 4 (3.8 seems to be optimal)

WARNING:? The fermenting brew, as it ripens, will release gases.? Much as in brewing beer or wine, bubbles will rise to the surface, and gases and foam will often try to make their way out of the container.?
For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you DO NOT use a glass container, as a glass container -- if you have sealed the cap too tightly, could explode from the gas pressure.

Please read the full details here:

OK.. I finished writing this at 22:00 (10PM) and will now start the brewing.. Wish me luck..

More on this soon..

March 14th, 2003: Amazing results from Vinny Pinto
After 7 weeks of using EM-1, Vinny made a report of his results:
Read it here:

I can't wait for my batch to finish..

The details on how I experienced EM-1 are in my health journal.

Update November 2003:
At you can order all EM-1 related products !

Check out the many other interesting articles on my website

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