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Zinc lozenges to treat Crohn's disease (and many other diseases)

Saturday, March 08 2003 - Filed under: General

Saturday, March 8th 2003

Remember George Eby ? He has a great website on how to treat depressions with magnesium-glycinate. Check and also my short summary here:

Yesterday I mailed him to tell him about the succes with the EM-1 product ( ). I thought he might find it interesting to treat the dysbiosis in the intestines with the EM-1. We both think that the true cause of depressions has to be searched for in the intestines.. Some bacteria are probably causing the problem.. An interesting note is that magnesium, after it has left the stomach turns into an antacid (as George writes below)..

Here comes the interesting part. George told me that he had treated Crohn's in three cases very successfully using only megadoses of zinc lozenges.

Here is what he sent me:

Hi Ed,

I have healed Crohn's Disease before extremely effectively with 30 mg of
zinc (from zinc gluconate) 5 to 6 times daily. There was no recurrence for
the following 20 years.

> I think EM-1 might be a very, very powerful probiotic that might just cure
> depression by completely getting rid of the bad magnesium
> deficiency-causing bacteria..

I think so too, but remember that magensium ion (what is found after stomach acid action on magnesium compounds) in therapeutic doses is an antibiotic which kills the intestinal flora. See .

I then asked him for the details on how exactly he treated the Crohn's disease.. This is his reply

> Very interesting.. Do you have more information on treating Crohn's
> with zinc gluconate ?
> I will have to put up a new page on my site for this..
> How long did you use the mega-dose of zinc before the symptoms
> started to diminish ?
> I did a quick search and found that zinc is almost always depleted
> when the intestines are somehow damaged..

Ed, I don't remember much more about this, but it wasn't long. Maybe benefits started the next day and progressively continued for a few months until there was no further swelling and appearance of disease. I had not studied Crohn's and simply made the suggestion that since zinc was highly anti inflammatory and healing in its nature, that it would be good to supplement. These people did that, and were cured. One was a neighbor, and he made the recommendation to the other two (or more).

They all reported the same thing. There are many uses for zinc shown on my web site that are not well documented and elsewhere, starting with the yellow menu on left side of .

The main deal with zinc is that if a person does not need it, it will make them nausated or vomit. On the other hand in wound healing and some other nasty diseases ( see ), the upper limit is enormously extended. For example, I had a perianal absess, and had to have it surgically drained three weeks ago. I was in need of zinc temporarily and I was taking 120 mg of zinc as zinc gluconate each two hours with no nausea. The absess is nearly healed now, and I can no longer take that amount of zinc, because it makes me nauseaous. I have many other examples (ask and ye shall recieve). A really good one is bites from brown recluse spiders. In that example, my daughter (and wife on separate occassions), a tiny girl, who weighed 115 pounds at the time(s) was taking 750 mg of zinc (from zinc gluconate) 4 times a day. She did that for 4 days with no side effects. On the fifth day, the first dose made her violently ill and she threw up most of the day. But, her spider bite was healing perfectly and did not require any surgery. Do a search for ''brown recluse spider'' ''bite'' and you will see that they are extremely bad news and do kill people (similar to rattle snakes) and usually require plastic surgery to fix. In my daughter's case her navel and surounding two to four inches of tissue were affected and would have rquired removal. In these cases in my family treated with zinc, the necrosis was completely prevented and the mess healed extremely rapidly with no scaring or tissue damage.

> Another question: What are the exact ingredients of the zinc lozenges ?
> For example, I can't tolerate lactose and some other fillers...

In my lozenges, there is dextrose, glycerol monostearate, stevia, pepermint oil and zinc acetate. Anything else makes them work poorly. No other commercial lozenges work very well because of additives, which is a world-class tragedy.


End of message

I think this sounds very promising so I decided to buy some bottles of zinc lozenges and give it a try.. I'll receive the bottles in max 10 days time. If I get nauseated after using them I know I already have enough zinc in my system.. It would be really cool if this would make all symptoms of my Crohn's disappear.. I currently have no symptoms at all because of my diet, but every small slip I make (a little bit of sauce with ''illegal'' ingredients in a restaurant for example) causes slight problems..

If you want to try it yourself, please check . Be sure to also read the studies and the articles on his interesting site. The zinc lozenges can be ordered from this site. All you need is a credit-card.. The order page can be found here:

A nice study that shows how good zinc works for the common cold is this one:

Check my diary on this site in about a week's time to see the results of my next experiment...

The Netherlands

Update August 2004: Testimonial from the Netherlands
Today I received an e-mail from a fellow Dutchman. He writes about his experiences with the zinc lozenges. He's had Crohn's disease since 1991 and had to keep using prednison but each year the flares returned.
The last time the flare returned he decided to try the zinc lozenges and within short time, the flare subsided.

Here are the details:
He used one miligram of ionic zinc per pound of weight. Each lozenge contains 14mg ionic zinc, so he used 10 lozenges per day.
Besides the zinc he also used Chelated magnesium from Solgar and Taurine from Lamberts.

I hope others will give the zinc lozenges a good try

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