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Many people don't realise that the human is designed to thrive. Every person on this planet should be enjoying his life without disease or flaws like brain fogs or low energy. We are designed to get up every morning, feeling fit and enjoying the new day. Chronic diseases, cancer, diabetes, asthma, allergies should all be non-existant. How many people do you know that are completely free of flaws ? Some people say that our genes are the cause of all these diseases. They couldn't be more wrong. Our genes are the product of millions of years of evolution; They are perfect. The problem is that our diet and environment aren't compatible anymore with our genes for the last 10,000 years, since the advent of agriculture. The last century, and the last 30 years our diet has changed even further. Our diet is causing all these diseases and flaws. Haven't we evolved yet to eat the agricultural way then ? No, not at all. 10,000 years is a very short period in human evolution. Besides that, the human evolution has virtually stopped. We don't die of cancer, heart- attacks and other diseases before our thirties. This means we can reproduce before we die, meaning that our "faulty genes" are passed on to the next generation. Net result: No evolution. Evolution only works when people die before they reach reproductive age. There is only one solution: Become a caveman again and eat the things he used to eat. Check the complete Healing Flow Chart on the next page. Please note: Diet isn't the only factor that affects health, but it is a large factor and the easiest to correct. Other factors are negative emotions which are prevalent in the Western World and also the ever increasing electrosmog polution (wireless broadcasting, phones and networks) is showing its effects the last few decades.

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