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Know what you Eat !

In my struggle to find the right diet and the right nutrients for my specific situation, I've gathered a lot of information on the nutrients (or non-nutrients) in different foods. I've summarized all the links I've found below:


Beyond Vegetarianism: Paleolithic Diet vs. Vegetarianism
This site shows in great detail what was humanity's original diet. Very interesting
What was humanity's original, natural diet ? By Ward Nicholson

The Cholesterol Myths by Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD
This site dismantles all myths about cholesterol. Did you know that high-cholesterol is NOT RELATED to heart diseases. That your body produces cholesterol to supplement the cholesterol in the diet (So eating low-cholesterol doesn't help). Read more:

Intestinal Diseases Treatments

David Gregg's Crohn/ColitisTreatment Information
David Gregg is the founder of the theory that four different types of Crohn/Colitis exist. His experience and knowledge in the chemistry and nutrition-fields, combined with his strong ability to analyse data, make him a very unique person. He keeps fascinating me time after time with new details he discovers very frequently. Check his website. He has also written an article about the treatment of cancer, which I would most certainly give a try.

The SCDiet Web Library
There are specific carbohydrates which are trouble makers in the digestive system, especially to those people suffering from Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS and Celiac. The purpose of the SCD is to eliminate these carbohydrates and cause a healthy, natural, controlled remission.

IBS Starch-Free Diet
A diet, which is very simmilar to the SCDiet. The difference is that the IBS Starch-Free Diet is based on personal experiences, while the SCDiet is based on scientific studies. The fact that two books (Gottschall's Breaking the Vicious Cycle and the IBS Starch-Free Diet) have been written, that both cover the same treatment for intestinal diseases, can't be a coincidence. This increases the credibility of the treatment. Also check the simple experiment (iodine) with which you can check whether or not a food contains starch.

Dismantling a myth: The role of fat and carbohydrates in our Diet, by dr. Med. Wolfgang Lutz
Dr. Wolgang (Germany) already knew for many, many years that the complex carbohydrates are the main cause of many intestinal diseases. A nice quote: I remember one patient, the foreman of a Mercedes-Re service station, who came to me years ago and told me that he has had diarrhoea for over 15 years now and that he had consulted at least ten physicians without any success. <...> I prescribed him a low-carbohydrate diet and told him to see me again in a fortnight, because I was sure that the problem would have resolved by then. This was indeed the case. He came, thanked me and told me that of the many doctors he consulted previously, not one knew how to help him. He did not quite understand that, because if there is mechanical trouble with one the Mercedes-Benz models, all service stations in the whole world would be informed and instructed how to repair the defect. Whether this was not so in medicine? No, I had to admit: we have the so-called scholarly medicine with certain dogmatic views, and other views are not tolerated. The many "outsiders" among the medical scientists will surely agree with me wholeheartedly. Read more

The Healing Crow's Nest
A fantastic site that lists different treatments for many (autoimmune) diseases. All treatments are medication free. The founder of the site has regained his health by changing his diet to the SCDiet and later refined it into the paleolithic diet. Many diseases traditionally labeled as autoimmune diseases are in fact caused by a wrong lifestyle and diet. He has been medication free for more than 24 months and is very healthy ! The articles about the paleolithic diet and the human timeline are very interesting. A must-read !
-> SCDiet information on
-> SCDiet testimonials on
-> Elaine Gottschall: A Fountain of SCD Wisdom
-> The right food for the Human Animal
-> Paleolithic Diets: | |

The antioxidant + proflavanol treament by Ray Strand, M.D.
This treatment ressembles the treatment proposed by David Gregg. Instead of the DMSO, Dr. Ray Strand uses antioxidants (which take take of the radicals) in combination with proflavanols (which take care of the iron).

Dan's Paleolithic Diet Site
Dan has been eating like a caveman since July, 2000. He has cured his Crohn's and Grave's Disease (an autoimmune thyroid disorder). Check it out:

Mike's SCDiet Food Blog
This is really amazing: Mike writes down what he eats on the SCDiet. If you need some inspiration, check out his Nirvana of Peristalsis.

Hypoglycemia and Diabetes Treatments

Survive Diabetes
Information on a diet that stops the risk for kidney disease, overweight, high blood pressure and cholesterol, coronary heart disease and heart attacks, neuropathy, retinopathy and blindness, and leg ulcers with their attendant risk of gangrene and amputation.

Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution
This book is a must-read for every diabetic or hypoglycemic person. The book's title is the truth: It's the only real solution for all diabetics and hypoglycemics. Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution.

Improve your health and weight

Lower Your Grains and Increase your Health
A really nice article about the dangers of high-carbohydrate and low-fat diets.

The Meat, Leaves and Berries Diet
This website contains the proof of the theories above. Check it out for yourself. Pictures before and after included. Really nice:

The Canadian Low-Carb Site
Fantastic website with *lots* of resources on low-carb eating. Check LowCarb.Ca.

Nutritional Information

International Starch Institue: Starch
Starch, common name applied to a white, granular or powdery, odourless, tasteless, complex carbohydrate, (C6H10O5)x, abundant in the seeds of cereal plants and in bulbs and tubers. Molecules of starch are made of hundreds or thousands of atoms, corresponding to values of x, as given in the formula above, that range from about 50 to many thousands. Native starch denotes untreated starch. Read more details about the different types of starch and which plants contain which type of starch on the website:

USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference
A very large searchable database that lists all different types of foods and its contents in very high detail. For example, when you search on almonds, you'll get 28 hits. When you click on one of the different types (of preparation) of almonds, you'll get very detailed information about its nutrients. Water/Energy/Protein/Lipids/Carbohydrates/Fiber/Ash/Minerals/Vitamins/Fatty Acids/saturated/ monounsaturated/polyunsatured/etc..

The nutritional composition of fruits and vegetables
This site lists the composition of many fruits and vegetables in high detail. This is the only site I know of that also lists the starch-contents of foods. The banana, the papaya and the passion fruit all contain starch and should perhaps be avoided when on the SCDiet (or at least only be eaten when really ripe). and aggie.../veg.html

The Glycemic Index List
A large list of foods and their glycemic indices (the glycemic index shows how fast the blood sugar is raised. Human-compatible food has an index of 50 or lower). Very handy.

Discussion Forums

Healing Crow Community
The Healing Crow community discusses non-drug related approaches to healing chronic illnesses. Specific topics include: The Specific Carbohydrate Diet and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Paleolithic nutrition, Orthomolecular nutrition, low carbohydrate diets, and others.

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