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Books online
All of them worth reading

> The Answer by Dogtor J. Very interesting
> Letter on Corpulence by William Banting, 1869 - The 1st Low-Carb diet book !
> Diabetes Solution by Dr. Bernstein
> Dismantling a Myth - The Role of Fat and Carbohydrates in our Diet by Dr. Med. Wolfgang Lutz    
> Nature Cure 2000 edited by Dr. Poesnecker, original release 1913    
> Medical Microbiology edited by Samuel Baron, MD
> The Soft Science of Dietary Fat by Gary Taubes, as published in Science Magazine
> One Answer to Cancer by Dr. Kelley, a Must-Read when suffering from cancer | Study | Links
> How and When to Be Your Own Doctor by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon NEW
> More interesting books on the Australian Homo Optimus Association site

The *NEW* Biology books can be found below
This is about pleomorphism and the importance of the soil
> The Curse Causeless shall not come by Nord W. Davis, 1976 |    
This book explains how using the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization can cure 99.94% of terminal cancer patients. It's all about the soil, the pH primarily. Regenerating the liver is very important and Reams used lemon juice in distilled water for this.
> Don't eat the yellow snow by Dr. Gary Martin from (and Frank Zappa ofcourse)
Dr. Gary Martin used Dr. Carey Reams work as the basis and added some of his own principles. He called it the BIA, Biological Immunity Analysis. The book seems to be based on the book above. Dr. Martin's website can be found at
Please note that some people who were close to Dr. Carey Reams feel there is quite a difference between RBTI and BIA.

> How you rot and rust    
This book explains in high detail the concept of pleomorphism and the importance of the soil.
A very nice introduction indeed!

> A "New" Biology by Dennis L. Meyers M.D. |    
This is a most amazing book of which 90% can be read online. It explains why modern medicine and biology is based on completely false foundations (Pasteur, Koch). It explains why the soil is everything and the germ is relatively(!) nothing. The pH, oxygenation and the minerals are the most important. It explains how to correctly meassure pH levels of saliva and urine to determine tissue pH. It also has a protocol on how to rebalance pH using greens and plain sodium bicarbonate, baking soda. It explains in high detail how *anybody* can see proof in *any* microscope that Pasteur was wrong and Bechamp, Enderlein, Naessen et al. were right: Micro-organisms are pleomorphic and change form as a result of the soil. (alas, is offline)
> Pasteur: Plagiarist, Imposter by R.B. Pearson, 1942 | (alas is offline)    
> The Third Element of the Blood by by Antoine Bechamp | (alas is offline)    

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