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The latest (or earliest) view on cancer
The low-carb and energy-medicine approach to heal cancer is a nice step in the right direction, but it doesn't take in account the real cause of the disease. The last few months I've done some more reading and it's time for a major update. This update will not only cover the new cancer theory, but also the theory for *all disease*.

It seems that modern medicine (post-1870) is based on false fundations. Bechamp, the contemporary of Pasteur should have been the name all of us know. Instead it is Pasteur's germ-theory that is used as the basis of modern medicine. To summarize, Pasteur falsified his test results to "prove" that germs are the cause of disease and that germs are monomorphic. Monomorphic means that a single bacteria exists in only one fixed state. Pasteur stated that streptococcus is caused by an invasion of the host by a germ, the streptococcus. Likewise, he stated, each (germ-caused) disease has a specific associated germ. Hence, the negative view on germs in general in modern medicine. They are the enemy and we should wipe them out as much as possible.

The germ is nothing, the soil is everything
Pasteur wasn't a good scientist at all. He was a very good plagiarist however. Because of his influential family name and his clever manipulation techniques, he managed to get the medical community to accept his false conclusions, which are based on falsified study results. On his death bed his last words were that he was wrong in the end and that Bechamp was right: The germ is nothing, the soil is everything.
Read all the details in the online book: Pasteur, Plagiarist, Imposter.

Bechamp's Cellular Theory
Antoine Bechamp, a very intelligent French medical doctor made completely other conclusions. The difference is that his conclusions were based on verifiable studies. To summarize, Bechamp states that germs do not cause disease, they are the result of disease. This must sound quite awkward when you read it the first time. Bechamp states that the "germs" are pleomorphic.

According to Stephen T. Abedon, Mansfield OSU this is the definition of pleomorphic [polymorphic, pleiomorphic]:

  1. A trait of a bacterium that can display different shapes under different physiological or environmental conditions, or even in the same culture.
  2. Examples:
    1. Corynebacterium diphtheriae
    2. Mycoplasma pneumoniae
    3. Rickettsia prowazekii
    4. Rickettsia rickettsiia
  3. Note that both Corynebacterium diphtheriae is a pleimorphic rod.
Pleomorphic as Bechamp ment
From: How you Rot and Rust
Bechamp held the view that microorganisms can go through different stages of development and they can evolve into various growth forms within their life cycle. This is the theory of pleomorphism. He discovered microbes in the blood which he called microzymas. These microbes would change shape as individuals became diseased, and for Bechamp, this was the cause of disease; hence disease comes from inside the body.

Another scientist of the day, Claude Bernard, entered into the argument and said that it was actually the "milieu" or the environment that is all important to the disease process. Microbes do change and evolve, but how they do so is a result of the environment (or terrain) to which they are exposed. Hence, for Bechamp, microbes, being pleomorphic, will change according to the environment to which they are exposed. Therefore, disease in the body, as a biological process, will develop and manifest dependent upon the state of the internal biological terrain. At the core of that terrain, is pH.

Royal R. Rife, some decades later described the pleomorphic development of E. coli as follows:
  • E. coli
  • salmonella typhi
  • mycobacterium tuberculosum
  • yeast forms
  • BX (bacterium X)
  • BY (bacterium Y)

  • The details of pleomorphism
    The microzyma, as Bechamp called them, are the smallest elements of life and can be made visible under special Darkfield microscopes or the Rife Microscope. The Microzymas are not vulnerable to heat or other ways that normally work to kill bacteria. They are everywhere, and I really mean everywhere, inside you, inside plants, inside rocks, inside the earth. As you read above, they change according to the environment.

    Blood is under constant pH control. The ideal pH level is 7.3, which means the blood is slightly alkalic. Under this perfect condition the microzyma, or the protit as Enderlein called them, live in perfect harmony with the body. However, when the pH increases (more alkalic) or decreases (more acidic), the protits can not survive and transform into another pleomorphic shape.
    So, the pH of the blood is the most important factor to determine the state of the microorganisms in the blood. Another important factor is the mineral and vitamin status in the blood, and as will become clear this is quite complex as both factors are related.

    Cancer is a fungus !
    Now the real question: What is cancer and what causes human cells to transform into cancer cells. As Otto Warburg showed, cancer thrives in an anaerobic environment. In 1903 Enderlein and Schmitt proved that cancer was in fact a fungus. They cultured the fungus Mucor Racemosus Fresen from tumor cells. With access to a biology lab, you or any other scientist not beholden to political or economical agendas can duplicate this experiment at any time. More on this: How you Rot and Rust

    Or: Cancer is Bacillus-X (Rife) alias T-Bacilli (Reich)
    There are probably different materializations of the protits that can cause cancer. Rife isolated the Baccillus-X and proved, using the Koch-postulate that it was the causing agent of cancerous tumors.
    Here's a very interesting intreview with James Demeo, the scientist who continued Wilhelm Reich research (also links to Rife's work): Interview.

    Rife's discovery of the Bacillus X (T-Bacilli)
    Under his microscope, at 20,000X, the tube now teemed with animated forms measuring only 1/20 by 1/15 of a micron — much smaller than any known bacteria. They refracted a purplish-red color in the specific light beam.

    He called this form Bacillus X and, later, because it was so much smaller than other bacilli, and perhaps because of the filtrability controversy, BX virus. This problem of nomenclature can be resolved herein by referring to Rife’s organism as a BX for, or simply BX.

    Because he could culture his BX form, so small it would pass through any filter, he seemed to have discovered a filtrable form of a bacterium. But just finding bacteria, even in filtrable form, in a human tumor does not necessarily imply that they are its cause. To make sure, it is held they must be reinjected into animals and seen to cause the same or nearly similar disease, after which they must then be reisolated and shown to resemble the original organism. These were the postulates propounded by the German pioneer bacteriologist, Robert Koch, who proved that tuberculosis was apparently caused by the tubercule bacillus.

    Following this accepted procedure, Rife inoculated the new BX forms into over 400 rats in all of which there subsequently appeared "tumors with all the true pathology of neoplastic tissue." Some of the tumors became so large they exceeded the total weight of the individual rats in which they were developing. When the tumors were surgically removed, the BX form was recovered from them in all cases. Koch’s postulates were fulfilled.

    The answer is in our diet
    To get an idea of what a life blood analysis of a cancer patient shows, check the second picture on: Blood under microscope (browse down 50% of the article).
    Paradoxically, the blood gets alkalic when you eat too many acid-forming foods. When you eat refined grains, sugars and cooked meats your blood turns acidic. The body tries to get rid of the acidity by excreting it (H+ ions) in the urine. Because the Western Diet contains so many acid-forming foods, the body can't excrete all acidity and it stores it in the body tissue, so that it can be excreted later when the capacity is there. In return, the tissue gives back an alkalic element to the blood, hence the blood turns more alkalic.

    The oxygen relation
    In alkalic blood, the blood can increase its oxygen uptake. The red blood cells can saturate themselves with more oxygen. The problem however is the Bohr effect, which states that in alkalic blood the red blood cells can't release the oxygen anymore. Net results: The cells in your body are deprived of oxygen.

    Result: Cancer
    So, in retrospect, we have alkalic blood and oxygen-deprived and acidic tissue. How can anything survive in such an environment: Through anaerobic fermentation. Yeast, fungust and mold are the kings of anaerobic fermentation. The perfect situation for the cancer-producing Mucor Racemosus Fresen fungus.

    How to prevent and treat cancer
    We need to see to it that the protits keep living in harmony in our body, so that they won't transform into the cancer-creating form. More precisely, we don't want them to change in anything at all besides the friendly protits they are. How can we do this:
    • Make sure the blood pH stays in the narrow 7.3 pH margin
    • Make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals
    Controlling blood pH through diet
    The pH is an inverse-logaritmic meassure of the concentration of Hyodrogen ions in a substance or solution. pH 7 is pH-neutral water. pH 6.5 is slightly acidic and ph 7.5 is slightly alkalic. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14 In the blood pH 7.3 is the ideal concentration, as it is when the protits live in perfect harmony with the body. For detailed information on the blood pH, check: How you Rot and Rust.

    Diet is the most important factor to control the pH
    The adrenals, amongst others, controls the pH. Aldosterone promotes excretion of hydrogen ions (H+) by the kidneys and decreases acidity of the blood. Details. If too much acid-forming foods are eaten, the acids are stored in the tissue, creating very acid tissue, and alkalic blood. The most acid-forming foods are:
    • Alcohol, Coffee, Tea, all Soft drinks, pasturized milk
    • All grains, flours, cornstarch, pasta
    • All sugars
    • Cooked eggs, cooked meats and cooked fish
    • Beans, brussels sprouts, chickpeas, legumes, lentils
    What do all these foods have in common: They are all refined or processed (cooked) foods or can't be eaten raw!

    Stick to the foods you can eat raw and eat them raw as much as possible !
    Read here why Raw meat and fish is not dangerous at all
    Check what happens to cats being fed a diet of cooked meat + vegetables versus a diet of raw meat + vegetables. Astounding differences (please note, there is another factor here, because cats can't produce certain amino acids, but it's still interesting to see the effect).
    A large list of alkaline and acid-forming foods: Prescription for Nutritional Healing

    Acids are buffered in the body through different minerals, in particular calcium and through the bicarbonate stores in the body. The *real* acidifying foods are hence the ones that are deprived of minerals or which hinder the correct absorption of minerals (grains and beans contain substances that block absorption of calcium for example). Eating egg yolks, organ meats, etc. won't cause acidification of the body because they're rich in vitamins and minerals. Conclusion: Refined foods are the biggest enemy of proper acid/base control in the body.

    Taking Sodium Bicarbonate to decrease acidity, i.e. overcome acidosis
    Perhaps cancer can be suppressed quite easily by taking sodium bicaronate. Sodium bicarbonate is used as a means to overcome acidosis. More info on sodium bicarbonate for treating acidosis.
    Be aware of the side effects however, and when you use too much the blood turns too alkalic (above 7.3, alkalosis) and other microbes will be materialized / transformed. This is ofcourse not a permanent solution, but might be an option in some urgent cases.. The most important is to stop eating refined and processed foods.

    Minerals and pH interrelationship
    As I promised this is quite complex. For one, minerals depend on a narrow band of pH levels for good absorption. On the other hand minerals are needed to maintain a tight pH level in the blood. So, once your pH is out of sync, you won't be able to absorb minerals correctly, and thus you get a mineral deficiency, which means the pH can't be controlled very well anymore.. The details can be read again in the interesting How you Rot and Rust article.
    A short summary:
  • If the body can't get rid of the acids, it stores them
  • Tissue spaces go acidid over time
  • Blood compensates and will go alkaline
  • Potassium and Magnesium are lost and excreted
  • Sodium is retained
  • Calcium goed into blood

  • So, when your free-calcium levels in the blood are high, you don't want to supplement calcium ! Instead supplement magnesium and potassium and perhaps organic sodium. A high calcium level in the blood has some nasty effects, which range up to even neurotoxic effects.. When the blood-brain barrier opens (due to high frequency radiation like microwaves, cell-phone and wireless phones and radars), the calcium flows into the neurons causing brain damages and brain fogs, it causes heart arythmia, muscle spasms and causes excess nitrogen-oxide (NO), which influences the adrenals.. More on this.

    Problem: Microbes are intelligent and don't want to die
    Microbes are making sure their environment will sustain them and they therefore produce acids to make sure the acidity stays good. Examples from: Synthesis of the work of Enderlein, Bechamp and others.
    In order to keep the right environment, every microbe produces an organic acid:
  • Mucor racemosus -- lactic acid,
  • Aspergillus niger -- citric acid.
  • This means that in some cases diet and minerals alone might not overcome the problem, as the microbes make sure the situation remains the same. In that case, we will need to take out the heavy artillery. There are several options. Bob Becks Blood Electrifier, the Rife Bare device or the plain Hulda Clark Zapper or the advanced Don Croft Terminator will do fine to kill the microbes, so that they can't produce the acids. Please note that the microbes will materialize again quite swiftly after you've killed them, because the environment doesn't change in just an hour. So you will need to zap the microbes frequently, perhaps even each hour and combine this with a natural, pH-neutral, raw food diet. Perhaps the Don Croft Terminator is a good option, as you can wear it 24 hours a day for a few days or even longer. Combined with diet your body should be able to rebalance pH level to 7.3 and remove the soil of the microbes. More on the zappers and other energy-medicine devices can be found from the
    NewTreatments index page

    I think this is the most viable approach to curing cancer:
    • A natural, fully raw diet
    • A powerful multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement, like Krysalis Sparx
    • Use of DMSO to make sure the cancer cells get enough oxygen
    • Use of energy medicine to kill the critters
    • Use of energy medicine to improve the condition in your body, i.e. the Lakhovsky Multi Wave Oscillator

    Also be sure to read these books, especially the Curse Causeless shall not Come:

    Books online
    All of them worth reading

    > The Answer by Dogtor J. Very interesting
    > Letter on Corpulence by William Banting, 1869 - The 1st Low-Carb diet book !
    > Diabetes Solution by Dr. Bernstein
    > Dismantling a Myth - The Role of Fat and Carbohydrates in our Diet by Dr. Med. Wolfgang Lutz    
    > Nature Cure 2000 edited by Dr. Poesnecker, original release 1913    
    > Medical Microbiology edited by Samuel Baron, MD
    > The Soft Science of Dietary Fat by Gary Taubes, as published in Science Magazine
    > One Answer to Cancer by Dr. Kelley, a Must-Read when suffering from cancer | Study | Links
    > How and When to Be Your Own Doctor by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon NEW
    > More interesting books on the Australian Homo Optimus Association site

    The *NEW* Biology books can be found below
    This is about pleomorphism and the importance of the soil
    > The Curse Causeless shall not come by Nord W. Davis, 1976 |    
    This book explains how using the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization can cure 99.94% of terminal cancer patients. It's all about the soil, the pH primarily. Regenerating the liver is very important and Reams used lemon juice in distilled water for this.
    > Don't eat the yellow snow by Dr. Gary Martin from (and Frank Zappa ofcourse)
    Dr. Gary Martin used Dr. Carey Reams work as the basis and added some of his own principles. He called it the BIA, Biological Immunity Analysis. The book seems to be based on the book above. Dr. Martin's website can be found at
    Please note that some people who were close to Dr. Carey Reams feel there is quite a difference between RBTI and BIA.

    > How you rot and rust    
    This book explains in high detail the concept of pleomorphism and the importance of the soil.
    A very nice introduction indeed!

    > A "New" Biology by Dennis L. Meyers M.D. |    
    This is a most amazing book of which 90% can be read online. It explains why modern medicine and biology is based on completely false foundations (Pasteur, Koch). It explains why the soil is everything and the germ is relatively(!) nothing. The pH, oxygenation and the minerals are the most important. It explains how to correctly meassure pH levels of saliva and urine to determine tissue pH. It also has a protocol on how to rebalance pH using greens and plain sodium bicarbonate, baking soda. It explains in high detail how *anybody* can see proof in *any* microscope that Pasteur was wrong and Bechamp, Enderlein, Naessen et al. were right: Micro-organisms are pleomorphic and change form as a result of the soil. (alas, is offline)
    > Pasteur: Plagiarist, Imposter by R.B. Pearson, 1942 | (alas is offline)    
    > The Third Element of the Blood by by Antoine Bechamp | (alas is offline)    

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