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What is Osteoporosis
With osteoporosis, the bones become brittle and break easily. The separate parts of the word describe the condition perfectly osteo means bone and porosis means porous, like a sponge.

Incidence is rising
Osteoporosis is turning epidemic. How strange ? Osteoporosis doesn't exist at all in the wild. Uncivilized civilisations are not affected at all by this disease.
Why is that so ?

The reasons:
* We're drinking too much milk and get too much calcium
* We're eating too many carbohydrates
* We're eating too many acid-forming foods

Well, to start with the first issue. Do you think you need a lot of calcium to keep your bones healthy ? Nonsense.. Let's take a look at the perfect proof: A baby is growing very rapidly and in that stage of life would need the most calcium. How much calcium does mother's milk contain. Not much at all, but the baby grows up and develops nice and healthy bones.
Your body regulates how much calcium it absorbs. It doesn't really matter if you eat 250mg or 750mg, the body will adapt and only absorb about 200mg.. However, the rate of absorption can only be decreased to a certain level.. When you eat, say 2000mg a day because you drink a lot of calcium-enforced milk, you will absorb much more than the 200mg. The body can't really handle such amounts and stores it in the bones to prevent you from getting a heart-attack amongst others. Calcium is very important in the contraction mechanisms of your cells. Too much calcium in the blood will cause a chronic contraction of muscles which will cause a heart attack and muscle spasms.
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