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Overview of cool health related sites

Beyond Vegetarianism
Reports from veterans of vegetarian and raw-food diets,
veganism, fruitarianism, and instinctive eating, plus new science
from paleolithic diet research and clinical nutrition.

Cholesterol Myths by Uffe Ravnskov, MD
The idea that too much animal fat and a high cholesterol is dangerous to your heart and vessels is nothing but a myth. Here are some astonishing and frightening facts.

Chris Gupta's website
Self-Sufficiency Is The Key To Empowerment And Freedom

A really nice site, which also has some interesting articles on Homo Optimus, SARS, vaccination and much more..

David Gregg's wonderful view on illnesses
David Gregg, Ph.D. is now retired after performing research for more than 30 years in a national laboratory. He developed a personal fascination for treating a broad range of physical and mental problems using nutrional supplements.

One of his friends suffered from Crohns Disease. The medical doctors and physicans weren't able to stop or cure the disease. Because of the pain and anemia she wasn't able to work fulltime anymore. He decided to help her. He started by doing literature searches and thinking deeply about the disease. He identified new approaches. These approaches are revolutional and have never before been used.

History shows that the most progress in a certain field of science is made by persons in another field of science.. David Gregg is no M.D., but sure knows what he's talking about and his chemistry background, his intellect and inventivity allows him to come with great new approaches..

He has published articles on Anemia | Anthrax Cure | Antioxidants | Autism | Cancer | Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia | DMSO | Eternal Life | Vitamin B12 Deficiency

All of these articles are worth a read !

David Icke's view on Medicine
David Icke has collected a large amount of articles that show a completely different side of medicine..

Worth a read, that's for sure !

Diabetes Without Complications
A great site by Jonathan Christie

'm 52. I've been insulin-dependent since I was 38 but my glycosylated hemoglobin and blood chemistry are normal, so I see no reason why diabetics should develop complications or suffer a shortened life expectancy. I lost confidence in the medical prescription, and now I keep my own counsel about my diabetes and go to doctors for needles, Humalog insulin and tests. Years of self-experimentation - some of which I wouldn't repeat - have taught me what works best for me. I felt lost when I was diagnosed, and I hope this site may ease a trying time and provide some solutions for others who suddenly find themselves diabetic ...
Contents of

Doctors' Medical Library, The
It is my privilege to participate in the transformation of medicine which is now underway. The doctors who are participating in this transformation are some of the most dedicated people I could ever hope to know. I am lucky to be able to count them as colleagues.

Dogtor J.'s veterinary and human health website
This site will offer you the opportunity to learn about the newest advances in both veterinary and human medical care. It will have a major emphasis on the role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of the diseases and conditions that afflict us and our pets.

As an added ''bonus'', you will gain much needed information concerning the origins of many of the conditions that threaten HUMAN health. Your pets will teach you some surprisingly vital lessons in the origins, pathophysiology, and management of many of the conditions that they have in common with their owners.

Most of the diseases that humans suffer from also occur in our pets. Diabetes, arthritis, thyroid problems, epilepsy, and inflammatory bowel diseases are just a small sampling of such conditions. The similarities are startling and much can be learned from examining these correlations.

Dr. Joseph Mercola
Begin Your Journey to Independent Health

Independent health. It means you control what goes into your body and mind. It is a lifelong journey, and whether you are in prime condition or facing illness, there are brighter days ahead. As with anything worth pursuing, there are plenty of challenges and barriers. provides the tools to make your journey successful. Complete nutritional and emotional plans to prevent and eliminate sickness and extend your life. And an unflinching dedication to expose the dangerous habits and lies, and the greedy motives behind them, of the existing healthcare establishment. Independent health and a better life, starting with

Educate Yourself is a free educational forum dedicated to the dissemination of accurate information in the use of natural, non-pharmaceutical medicines and alternative healing therapies in the treatment of disease conditions. Free Energy, Earth Changes, and the growing reality of Big Brother are also explored since survival itself in the very near future may well depend on self acquired skills to face the growing threats of bioterrorism, emerging diseases, and the continuing abridgement of constitutional liberties.

Euro-American Health by Dennis L. Myers, M.D.

Modern science is finding microorganisms in the devitalized tissues of all chronic diseases.

Where do these organisms come from?


Yet, the causes of such diseases and ways to eliminate these causes have been known for more than 150 years...

This wonderful website explains everything, from the protits of Enderlein and pleomorphism to pH balancing the body to regain your health.

Healing Crow, the NEW
The Healing Crow Inc. is a grassroots charity with a mission to inform the public about viable non-drug related approaches for treating chronic illnesses. We seek the truth behind the causes and treatments of chronic illnesses and disease. We believe that the only way to achieve optimum health is to educate the mind, listen to the body, and follow the paths the spirit provides.

Health Sentinel
Health Sentinel provides you with news and information that affects our health and the world in which we live. All the information presented here comes directly from reliable sources such as peer review medical, scientific, historic and other journals.

Has very nice ''raw'', unedited statistics on vaccination and disease.

Homo Optimus Diet
The Optimal Diet is a dietary model of human nutrition devised and implemented by Dr. Jan Kwasniewski.

The Optimal Diet is a movement, which originated in recent years in Poland, and has rapidly spread to a number of countries worldwide, is to improve the well-being, health and biological value of people as individuals, and to correct nutritional mistakes of human kind as a whole, through promotion and implementation of the ''optimal'' model of human nutrition.

Also check the Australian Homo Optimus website:

Great information.. The optimal ratio of protein vs. fats vs. carbohydrates is 1 : 2.5 - 3,5 : 0.8 according to Jan Kwasniewski. So, the Optimal Diet is in fact a high (saturated) fat, moderate (animal) protein, low carbohydrate diet.

Get the book here:

Where are the Arkadia clinics in Poland:

Example of a clinic, costs 20 euro per day full pension:

More links:

Check it out
Welcome to iThyroid--the Internet center for the investigation of the nutritional correction of Thyroid Disease.
Full of very interesting information on minerals and vitamins and lots of studies.

Josh Yelon's Low-Carb Medical Research
The purpose of this page is to collect a lot of medical research about low-carbohydrate diets in one place, and to make that research understandable to the average person.

Keep Hope Alive
Self-help for the immune compromised (HIV and other STD's, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Food Allergies, Candidiasis, Cancer and much more)

Life Extension Foundation
The Life Extension Foundation is a nonprofit organization, whose long-range goal is the radical extension of the healthy human lifespan. In seeking to control aging, our objective is develop methods to enable us to live in health, youth and vigor for unlimited periods of time. The Life Extension Foundation was officially incorporated in 1980, but the founders have been involved in antiaging research since the 1960's.

Low Carb
The mission of this site is to provide - for both the layperson and the medical professional - quick searchable access to the wealth of credible, scientific information suggesting that a lower carbohydrate style of eating is beneficial both to weight loss and general health.

Medical Truth Online
Presenting medical truth for free-thinking, truth-seeking individuals who wish to stay healthy and prevent or cure disease. This web site is provided in the spirit of service to others. Our desire is to stimulate your mind to begin thinking ''outside the box'' of conventional medicine and not surrender your health to someone whose hands may be tied by greed or legislation. Understand that the sincerest motives of the medical PROFESSION are derailed by the greed and power of the medical INDUSTRY. We hope you will take what you find here and do further research until you find the cure for your disease - it's probably available somewhere.
This is the website you're currently reading..

Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation
You've discovered one of the most unique health resource organizations in the world. We are here for you and your family to learn how to attain optimal health -- naturally!

The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, a non-profit educational organization, is a clearinghouse of information on healthful lifestyles, ecology, sound nutrition, alternative medicine, humane farming and organic gardening.

Purlife Cancer Research
This is a site which also has some commercial parts. I hestitate strongly to list commercial sites because it might harm the credibility of this site.

I decided to add this one here afterall because of the extremely valuable information on cancer. The researchers perfectly understand the dangers of vegetable oils and promote a fully raw diet to treat cancer. They also acknowledge Otto Warburg's studies which say that cancer is caused by anaerobic conditions inside the body.

For virtually all types of cancer, the presumed causes and treatments are listed. Very interesting and a must-read for everyone..

Quackwatch: An amazing encycopledia of alternative
QuackWatch has built a truly amazing database of alternative treatments. Ofcourse, they say all those treatments are really bad, have not been proven and are fraudulent.

I use QuackWatch often to find a new interesting treatment. In fact, that's how I learned about the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization. After reviewing the info myself, I gave it a try, and the results are amazing.
Most of the Quacks on QuackWatch can be de-quacked, so to speak.

Use this as a very good alternative treatment encyclopedia, but disregard their ''This is absolute nonsense'' sidemarks and do your own investigating to find out if a treatment is worthwhile or not. Trust me, most of them *are* worthwhile, even though Quackwatch tries to tell you the oposite..

A nice example of the shortsightedness of ''Dr.'' Stephen Barrett:
I quote: ''This urine/saliva test and its associated trappings are utter nonsense.'' How nice.. That's how most articles are written: A short summary of the treatment and next the powerful line: ''Its utter nonsense''..

In fact, ''Dr''. Barrett M.D. should not be allowed to call himself a doctor, because when he swore the oath of Hippocrates he swore to first test a treatment himself before disregarding it !

I decided to test it, and the results are known.. Please check the rest of my site for information on the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI)..

Please note, I am aware that real frauds do exist and ofcourse, there are lots of doctors who use a treatment, which is good in itself, but ask extremely high fees..
But please note that the large part of the quacks on Quackwatch are probably people who found a good treatment that was too successfull and needed to be suppressed to prevent the collapse of the multi-trillion dollar drugindustry.
My advice: Investigate yourself !

An interesting quote from a reply to ''Dr'' Barrett:
''You quote the definition of quack as ''the promotion, for profit, of a medical remedy known to be false or unproven.'' The list of drugs prescribed today that meet this definition would be sufficient to fill an entire web site by themselves.''

Raw Paleolithic Diet Website
The primary purpose of this site is to provide information, articles and links on largely-raw traditional diets which include raw animal products along with raw plant (vegetation) products. Such diets have been repeatedly implicated in helping people (and animals) to achieve:

* rapid recovery from chronic disease
* rapid recovery from illness
* greater health and vitality
* greater stamina and robustness
* normalization of body weight (gain for those underweight, loss for those overweight)

SCDiet websites worldwide
All SCDiet Websites worldwide in many different languages

Please also visit:

Elaine Gottschall's official SCDiet website:

The SCDiet FAQ

Jaynette (Gay) Bauer's SCDiet website

A collection of resources for
exploring alternative ideas in
health, science, and spirituality.

t h e d o c t o r w i t h i n
Today the field of alternative medicine is like a wild jungle, full of unsubstantiated claims, junk science, and marketing hype.

This website is dedicated to providing referenced, scientific data on a variety of holistic and alternative medicine topics, focusing on universal principles, sound physiology, and the undiluted healing powers of the body itself.

The Omnivore - Exposing The Saturated Fat and Chol
Exposing the myth that saturated fat & cholesterol cause heart disease, cancer, diabetes & obesity.

WaiSays was the result of doing research for a book
Originally we were just doing research about the relation between diet and the skin, but the more scientific studies we read (mostly financed by pharmaceutical companies), the more we discovered that ‘they’ very well know the causes of major diseases, which they publicly pretend not to know. The reason: Those studies are financed for one reason only; to make money. These pharmaceutical companies are not there to make us healthier, they are just there to make money, by ‘exploring pharmaceutical solutions’. They don’t want you to know the causes of diseases and prevent them, they just want you to buy their drugs. And since these are commercial companies, it would be unfair to expect any differently.
The problem is, however, that our healthcare system relies on findings from such scientific studies, mostly financed by pharmaceutical companies, either directly or indirectly (sponsoring of universities).
This system is therefore ‘designed’ to make us more dependent on drugs than to prevent disease.

Do we want that?

Weston A. Price Foundation
The Weston A. Price Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charity founded in 1999 to disseminate the research of nutrition pioneer Dr. Weston Price, whose studies of isolated nonindustrialized peoples established the parameters of human health and determined the optimum characteristics of human diets. Dr. Price's research demonstrated that humans achieve perfect physical form and perfect health generation after generation only when they consume nutrient-dense whole foods and the vital fat-soluble activators found exclusively in animal fats. covers a broad ranges of articles on alternative health, medical politics, vaccination, electrosmog, big brother, and much more

Please note: The information on this website is not a recommendation for treatment. Anyone reading it should consult his/her physician before considering treatment. The author and publisher can't be held responsible for anything. Use on your own risk.