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    Adrenal Gland
    Captain David Williams testimonial
    Chapter one of Chronic Fatigue Unmasked 2000
    Chapter Two of Chronic Fatigue Unmasked 2000
    Conversation of David Williams with the Italian inventor
    Cordyceps sinensis increases corticosteroid production in adrenals
    Core Level Adrenal product seems to boost adrenals
    Core Level Adrenal product seems to boost adrenals (testimonial 2)
    Gezondheid door Ontzuring bij Chronische Vermoeidheid
    Ginkgo Biloba acts as nitric oxide synthasa inhibitor
    Glucocorticoids - Cortisol
    How to get immunity back from Th2 to Th1
    Interesting studies and info on guaifenisin
    Licorice ! How to use successfully for adrenal insufficiency
    Licorice is somehow better absorbed when taken with milk
    Licorice Promotion by David Williams
    Licorice, information on from HealthWell
    Marilyn J. Kerr's remission and How she did it
    Melatonin and its precursors scavenge nitric oxide
    Molybdenum used for treating candida
    Quercetin, Coenzyme Q 10, and L -canavanine as protective agents against nitric oxide
    Raw Paleodiet, cure for CFS and fibromyalgia
    The effect of licorice on cortisol and aldosterone
    The impact of low-cortisol / 21-hydroxylase on salt retaining and testosterone
    Treating Fibromyalgia with gauifenesin
    What causes stress ?
    What happens to hemoglobin, hematocrit levels, etc
2. Medical Studies (Add)
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Decreased Exercise Capacity,
    Ricardo Baschetti's article: What Causes Chronic Fatigue 1999
Testimonials (Add)
    Testimonials of treating CFS with licorice
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    Process of Beating ALS (successfully)
  Anti Oxidants | Go to group  
2. Medical Studies (Add)
    5-ASA is hydroxyl-radical and superoxide scavenger !
    Antioxidant effects of aminosalicylates and potential new drugs for inflammatory bowel disease
    Role of oxygen-derived free radicals in digestive tract diseases.
  Assemblage Point | Go to group  
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    Assemblage Point Centre Website
    Dr. Angela Blaen's assemblage point website
    Dutch Assemblage Point website
    Part 1: Core Energy Surgery for the Electromagnetic Body
    Part 2: Locating the Assemblage Point
    Part 3: Shifting the Assemblage Point
  Asthma | Go to group  
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    Homo Optimus to treat asthma successfully
    Milk and butter reduce asthma risk
  Autism | Go to group  
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    Autism and the Human Gut Microflora
    Autism case study, involves candida, arabinose
    Interview with Dr Shaw about microbial metabolites
    Theories of Autism, including Free Sulphate theory
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    BARF for Beginners - Frequently Asked Question
    Dogs- Anatomy of a Carnivore and Dietary Needs
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    Biofilm Bacteria Characteristics
    Cells, Prokaryotes, Eukaryotes
    Current research on nanobacteria and treatments for related diseases
    Dutch; Voeding zorgt voor verdwijnen ADHD-symptomen in 70 procent v/d proefpersonen
    Example Urine Organic Acid Report
    Great Smokey Amino Acid Analysis (1)
    Great Smokey Amino Acid Analysis (2)
    Great Smokey Amino Acid Analysis (3)
    Great Smokey Amino Acid Analysis (4)
    Homeopathy Enters the Mainstream
    How yeast can cause vitamin deficiency
    Info on ALL Amino Acids (have to archive all soon)
    Interpreting Urine Organic Acids test results
    Metabolic Pathways and enzymes
    Nanobacteria, the smalles known self-replicating bacteria
    Organic Acid Metabolites
    Pasteur Exposed: The False Foundations of Modern Medicine
    Pasteur's false Germ Theory vs the true Bechamp Cellular Theory
    Relation Yeast-autism & Yeast-fibromyalgia
    Sulfate deficiency and its impact on the intestinal lining
    Sulfur Metabolism Key to Detoxification of Allergens
    Synthesis of the Work of Enderlein, Bechamps and other Pleomorphic Researchers
    The Archaea
    The Bacteria
    The Miniature World of the Prokaryotes
    The Salk Vaccine: What *really* caused the decline in Polio cases ?
    The USA's Leading Causes of Death
    There's More to Vaccination than the Shot - Get the Facts. Know Your Rights. On Bechamp, Pasteur
    Vaccinatie - Het failliet van een mythe
Background Studies (Add)
  Bowel | Go to group  
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    A brief update on the worm-cure for Crohn's
    Colon Cleansing (Chapter 4 of How and When to Be Your Own Doctor)
    Crohn's and Colitis finally cured: Absence of worms causes inflammation ?
    Health Benefits of the Natural Squatting Position
    Hoge Darmspoelingen en gezondheid
  Cancer Treatment | Go to group  
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    Are We Overlooking the Obvious in Cancer Prevention ?
    Coral Calcium to cure Cancer by neutralizing pH to 7.4 ?
    David Gregg's Page about Cancer
    Does a vegetarian diet contributed to cancer? Certainly the evidence points
    Impact of low-carb and high-carb diet on cancer
    In the News: High-starch diet causes cancer (in Dutch)
    Interesting Hypothesis on Cancer and Ketosis
    Ketogenic Diet for Cancer
    Ketogenic Treatment of Cancer
    One Answer to Cancer
    The Cure for All Cancers, written by Hulda Clark
    The Zone Cancer Diet (low-carb, pH control, organic raw meat)
    Tumor Growth inhibited with ketogenic diet
2. Medical Studies (Add)
    An extensive study of the results of Dr. Kelley
    Glutaminase reduces tumor burden !
    Glutamine is food for cancer.. Lowering Glutamine will decrease tumor volume
    High rate of glutamine use is a characteristic of tumor cell
Warnings (Add)
    An Assessment of Orthodox Treatments of Cancer
  Candida | Go to group  
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    Curing Candida with a zapper !
  Chakra | Go to group  
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    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Chakra's
    Headaches and the chakra's
  Codex | Go to group  
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    Amazing list of sponsoring companies on Belgium Crohn-Colitis Association page
    More than 100,000 deaths from pharmaceutical drugs
  Copper | Go to group  
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    “Silvering” in Fleeces - The Explanation?
    Copper deficiency and its relation to molybdenum, sulphur and iron
  Depression | Go to group  
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    Nutritional Aspects of Depression
  Eat Right For Your Type Diet | Go to group  
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    Dr D'Adamo's WebSite
  Eieren | Go to group  
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    80% vet diet, maar geen stijging triglyceriden en cholesterol
    Another Reason Why Eggs Actually Lower the Risk of Heart Disease
    Don't Be Chicken of the Egg
  Electrosmog | Go to group  
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    Biophotons and Biophotonics, the science of the 21st century. Full Article
    Biophotons and Biophotonics: The Science of the 21st Century
    Brainfog and all its causes
    Dutch Freiburg Appel (van duitse artsen en professors) in het Nederlands
    Dutch: GSM-telefonie nader bekeken
    Dutch: Uw woning prettig ontstoord
    Electron Spin Inversion
    Evidence that Electromagnetic Radiation is Genotoxic
    German: Dozens of German doctors and professors want attention for electrosmog
    Relussan distributes the Star Light device to meassure and correct biophotons
    Reuters: Cancer cells grow agressively when agitated by cellular phone radiation
  Epilepsy | Go to group  
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    Epilepsy Diet Has Lasting Anti-Seizure Effect
    The ketogenic diet: a 3- to 6-year follow-up of 150 children enrolled prospectively.
  Fasting | Go to group  
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    Triumph Over Disease (Colitis) by Fasting And Natural Diet

  FoodInfo | Go to group  
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    Dangers of Unsaturated fats (cancer, immunosuppression, brain damage)
    Food combining: Don't mix carbs with proteins or fats
    High Fat Diet, the best way to go
  Gallstones | Go to group  
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    Gall stone cleanse without surgery
    Gallstone discussion group
    Gallstones can harbor massive amounts of bacteria
    Healthy Liver Website by Dr. Sandra Cabot
    Hulda Clark's liver flush from The Cure for all Diseases
    Infectious and Sterile Gallstones
    Liver & Gallstone Treatment
    Liver Cleanse & Gallbladder Cleanse
    My liver Cleanse, A testimonial
    SensibleHealth: Conquering Chronic Diseases (the liver)
  Hamer New Medicine | Go to group  
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    A nice introductary article about The New Medicine
Negative Articles (Add)
    Dr. Hamer's New Medicine - Offical Homepage
    The New Medicine by Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D.
  Human Growth Hormone | Go to group  
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    Treating Crohn's with Human Growth Hormone
    Treatment With Growth Hormone Offers
  Hypoglycemia | Go to group  
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    Alanine production increases when muscles contract
    Cereal box more nourishing than the cereal itself!
    Diabetes info by Dr Rath: Importance of Vitamin C
    DoctorYourself: Diabetes and vitamins
    Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution (online)
    Glutamine: Not as safe as thought
    Glutathione: Oral supplements not an option
    Information on L-Glutamine by the Life Extension Foundation
    Licorice and Hypoglycemia.. How to do it correctly ?
    Lipoic Acid, an extremely potent and important antioxidant
    Nice background information on Hypoglycemia
    Panc Tea for hypoglycemia
    Some (commercial) info on glutamine
    Survive Hypoglycemia (and Neurosis)
    The Link between IBD and insulin Resistance: TNF-alpha !
    The optimal Diet from Poland to cure Diabetes I !
    The Sugar Paradox - How it wears out the adrenals and pancreas : Latest Scientific Research on Supplements
2. Medical Studies (Add)
    Alanine and terbutaline in treatment of hypoglycemia in IDDM
    Alanine to prevent nocturnal hypoglycemia (xt'd report)
    Glutamine and alanine metabolism in NIDDM.
    Glycemic index List
    High glycemic index starch promotes hypersecretion of insulin and higher body fat in rats.
    Hyperinsulinaemia slows gastric emptying
    HypoGlycemia Survey Homepage
    Insulin Resistance: Lifestyle and Nutritional Interventions
    Intestinal ills more common in diabetics
    L-alanine as remedy for hypoglycemia
    Lipoic Acid + Exercise improve glucose sensitivity
    Parenteral glutamine infusion alters insulin-mediated glucose metabolism.
    Plasma alanine and lactate concentrations following glucose ingestion in normal and NIDDM subjects.
    Rat small intestine is an insulin-sensitive gluconeogenic organ.
    Summary of medical studies on Glutamine
    This study shows that glutamin can be absorbed when taken orally
    Very nice study on low-carb diet for diabetics !
Background Studies (Add)
    Alanine production increases when muscles contract
    Information on the Extended Glucose Tolerance Test
    Insulin and Glucagon Homepage
    Muscle Metabolic Adaptations to Exercise
    Understanding the Ketogenic Diet
Effectiveness for other illnesses (Add)
    Effect of glutamine or glucagon-insulin enriched total parenteral nutrition on liver and gut
Warnings (Add)
    High fat diet decrease Magnesium absorption
  Hypomagnesia | Go to group  
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    Alpha-Lipoic Acid boosts glutathione levels
    Boron decreases Mg excretion in urine by one third !
    Detailed information on Magnesium and references to medical studies
    Detailed Information... References
    Difference betwean low- and high-voltage activated Calcium Channels
    Dr. Stoll's Magnesium Archives
    Exotest: The place to test intracellular minerals
    Fibromyalgia and Magnesium
    Guidelines for supplementing minerals Balancing Calcium and Magnesium
    Magic Oil (Magnesium Oil) for excellent absorption
    Magnesium and Estrogen: Estrogen causes better Mg utilisation
    Magnesium and Health
    Magnesium and Mastcells
    Magnesium and the cardiovascular system
    Magnesium deficiency and possible symptoms
    Magnesium deficiency causes glutathione loss
    Magnesium Info from
    Magnesium is nature's own Calcium Channel Blocker
    Magnesium modulates Calcium Channel Activity
    Magnesium on
    Many articles about Magnesium
    Rapid Recovery from Severe, Treatment Resistant Depression Using Magnesium
    Recipe for Enriching Water with Magnesium Hydroxide
    Study: 3mg Boron reduced Magnesium Excretion in urine
    Sulfation Detox and Glutathione (and thus Mg)
    The FDA wants to increase the RDA of Magnesium to 800-900 mg
    The liver and Magnesium: Methylation
2. Medical Studies (Add)
    Daily magnesium supplements improve glucose handling in elderly subjects.
    Direct link: Low Magnesium and suicide attempts (depression)
    Effect of magnesium deficiency on vitamin B2 and B6 status in the rat.
    Enhanced NO production during Mg deficiency and destruction of glutathion
    Glucose increases intracellular Ca and decreases Mg
    Glutathione low in Crohn's disease
    High doses of B6 increase intracellular Mg
    Improved insulin response and action by chronic magnesium administration in aged NIDDM subjects
    Magnesium deficiency inhibits biosynthesis of blood glutathione
    Magnesium supplements causes major improvement in patients with severe mania
    Oral Mg does not decrease Insulin resistance
    The effect of Mg supplementation in increasing doses on the control of type 2 diabetes - Abstract
    The effect of Mg supplementation in increasing doses on the control of type 2 diabetes - Full Text
    The ratio Ca/Mg is significantly elevated in acutely depressed patients
Background Studies (Add)
    Magnesium Metabolism
    Magnesium: Distribution, Absorption, Excretion in sheep
    Oxalic Acid Content of selected foods
  Iron-Crohn (DMSO) | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    1. The DMSO Story by Ed
    2. Medical Studies proof the DMSO theory (updated !)
    An article about DMSO.
    David Gregg's Page about Crohn and DMSO
    DMSO Healthnotes
    Evaluating the antioxidant potential of new treatments
    Information on DMSO by the Edelson Center
    Information on Unconventional Therapies
    MSM : DMSO After 20 years
    Read all posts in the newsgroups
    Solvents with Low Toxic Potential (by the EMEA)
    What is all the DMSO controversy about ?
    What’s the true story behind these compounds? Can they help - or hurt?
2. Medical Studies (Add)
    A double blind medical study : Crohn+DMS
    A double blind medical study : Crohn+DMSO (PubMed)
    Studies performed with DMSO
    Table of Studies on MSM & DMSO
    Transferrin receptors+iron utiliz. in DMSO-inducible and -uninducible Friend erythroleukemia cells.
Background Studies (Add)
    A study confirming the B12 deficiency in
    A study of B12 (in Dutch)
    Antioxidants are used by physicians but not prescribed
    Antioxidants inhibit the production of inflammatory cytokines in Crohn's disease and UC.
    Arthritis: De nieuwste behandelingen
    Chemiluminescence assay of mucosal reactive oxygen metabolites in inflammatory bowel disease.
    Hydroxyl radical scavengers inhibit TNF-alpha production in mononuclear cells
    Inducibility of transferrin receptors on friend erythroleukemic cells.
    Inflammation Mechanism and Iron
    Iron supplementation may aggrevate inflammatory status of Colitis.
    Lack of B12 slows down generation of red and WHITE BLOOD CELLS !
    Nice Background Information on Crohn's Disease
    Possible mechanism in inflammation diseases.
    relationship of disease type and severity to clinical findings at the time of diagnosis in 166 cases
    Rice, Wheat, and Green Tea is linked to UC
    Severe chronic iron deficiency in a 17-year-old student
    The Illnesses of Increasing Oxidative Stress
    Ulcerative Colitis sufferers have 81% Iron deficiency vs. 39% with Crohns
Effectiveness for other illnesses (Add)
    DMSO helps reversing Scleroderma
    DMSO is also used for Lyme Disease
    DMSO is also used for treating Interstitial Cystitis
    Transdermal Secreting for treating Autism
Similar Treatments (Add)
    Allopurinol for maintenance of Ulcerative Colitiis.
    Antioxidants + Proflavanol !
    Chelators for Iron Overload
    Copper/Zinc Superoxide Dismutase also scavenges hydrogen peroxide
    Deferiprone, For Thalassemia, Safer Than Previously Thought
    Desferrioxamine: Effects of iron and iron chelation in vitro on mucosal oxidant activity in UC.
    desferrioxamine: Oxygen free radicals and inflammatory diseases of intestines
    Drug for Iron Overload Passes Major Safety Hurdle;
    Flavanoids (found in green tea) play a role in intestinal repair
    How does allopurinol prevent radical damage
    Phase II trial of copper zinc superoxide dismutase (CuZnSOD) in treatment of Crohn's disease.
    Role of copper zinc superoxide dismutase in the short-term treatment of colitis in rats.
    Steroids inhibit secretion of free radicals !
    Too Much of a Good Thing (Iron, that is)
Testimonials (Add)
    Testimonials on David Gregg's Site
Warnings (Add)
    Don't Waste Your Money On These
    Impossible Reactions, mass Hysteria and More
    Liver function decreases when using DMSO
    The Real Story of the DMSO Death !
    Warning : DMSO
    Warning: Do not use Oxygen mask when using DMSO
    What can you tell me about the alternative treatment MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) for allergies?
  Kanker | Go to group  
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    Cancer Proposed Cause and Cure for All Forms of Cancer
    The benefits of low-carb diets for cancer, diabetes and many more
  Kombucha Tea | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    Home of the Kombucha FAQ
2. Medical Studies (Add)
    Effect of Kombucha tea on chromate(VI)-induced oxidative stress in albino rats.
Warnings (Add)
    Kombucha Toxicity Alert
  Lakhovsky | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    An interview with Ed Skilling on his MWO-comparable device
    Georges Lakhovsky, Bioelectric Pioneer (
    Georges Lakhovsky: Multiple Wave Oscillator (patents and articles)
    Lakhovsky Writings
    Lakhovsky's Magnetic (Multiple) Wave Oscillator
    Lakhovsky's patent
    Lakovsky: Experiments with ultra radio frequencies
    Using the Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator for Healing
Testimonials (Add)
    Dutch (Nederlandstalige) Testimonials on MWO Use
  Layman's theory (Gail Michael) | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    Gail Michael's Theory
  LowCarb | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    Chewing the Fat: The Low-Carb Diet Phenomenon
    Ketosis, a nice explanation of what ketosis really is
    Low Carb studies
    Scientifical studies confirming low carb health improvement
    The perfect anabolic diet: Fatburning and muscle building
    The Soft Science of Fat
    What if It's All Been a Big Fat Lie?
  Melatonin | Go to group  
2. Medical Studies (Add)
    Actions of melatonin in the reduction of oxidative stress. a review.
    Effect of iron and estrogen on melatonin secretion by the chicken pineal gland
    melatonin prevent Bacillus anthracis lethal toxin-induced TNF production in macrophages.
    Melatonin reduces oxidative damage to cellular membranes: evidence for the involvement of iron
    Melatonin reversal of lipopolysacharides-induced thermal and behavioral hyperalgesia in mice.
    The effect of melatonin on cellular activation processes in human blood.
Background Studies (Add)
    Elements/Vitamins and their relation to oxydation
Effectiveness for other illnesses (Add)
    Melatonin as biological response modifier in cancer patients.
  Melk | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    Boek: Don't Drink Your Milk
    Butter Making (differences between sour and sweet cream butter)
    De melkboer wordt apotheker
    Does milk really look good on you?
    Lactose Contents of Diary Products
    MELK in de knel
    Melk veroorzaakt allerlei ernstige ziekten Don't Drink Your Milk
    The Case for Butter ! (Real butter that is )
  Mercury | Go to group  
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    Chronic Fatigue and Mercury linked tightly
    Genetic aspect of chronic mercury toxicity
    Mercury - How it slowly kills you (excellent article)
    Mercury Poisoned
    Mercury, leaky gut and fatigue related
  MSM (methlysulfonylmethane ) | Go to group  
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    The Miracle of MSM
    The Miracle of MSM (part 2)
  MultipleSclerosis | Go to group  
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    Hulda Clark's treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, using the zapper
    Multiple Sclerosis Testimonial, using the SCDiet
    Paleolithic Diet to Cure Mulitple Sclerosis
    Paleolithic Diet to Cure Mulitple Sclerosis (1)
  OptimalNutrition | Go to group  
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    More Scientifical studies confirming Optimal Nutrition
    The scientifical basis for the Optimal Nutrition ratio
  Organs | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    How Fat Cells Work at HowStuffWorks
    How Your Kidneys Work from HowStuffWorks (nice)
    Liver (detailed)
    Liver Information and its importance for health
  Orgone | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    A good overview of Reich's work
    How candidasis relates to the chakra's and the assemblage point
    McDonald's & Biophoton (orgone?) Deficiency
    The Assemblage Point: The crosspoint of your orgone
    Wilhelm Reich and his amazing Orgone

  PaleolithicDiet | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    BeyondVegetarianism: PaleoDiet & Paleolithic Nutrition (Ward Nicholson)
    Dutch: Wat is er verkeerd aan door de overheid aanbevolen correcte voeding ?
    Evolution, Diet and Health by S. Boyd Eaton, M.D.
    High carbohydrate intake linked to breast cancer
    High fat and cholesterol intake reduces risk of stroke
    Interview with Aajonus Vonderplanitz
    Low Grain and Carbohydrate Diets Treat Hypoglycemia, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer (1)
    Low Grain and Carbohydrate Diets Treat Hypoglycemia, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer (2)
    Myths and Truths about Osteoporosis - A Great source of information
    Paleolithic Nutrition: Your Future Is In Your Dietary Past
    Raw meat = not dangerous at all - A Great source of information
    Reuters: Scientists conclude: Low-carb diet very healthy and effective
    Stefansson and his Eskimo studies (part 1)
    Stefansson and his Eskimo studies (part 2)
    Stefansson and his Eskimo studies (part 3)
    The (controversial) Paleolithic Diet
    The Cholesterol Myths by Uffe Ravnskov, MD
    The Meat Leaves and Berries Diet by John Dan
    The Neglected Nutritional Research of Dr. Weston Price, DDS
    The Paleolithic Diet and Its Modern Implications (Cordain)
    Weston A. Price: What's Wrong With Politically Correct Nutrition?
    What Is Best, Cooked Or Raw?
2. Medical Studies (Add)
    Effect of soymilk consumption on serum estrogen concentrations in premenopausal Japanese women.
Background Studies (Add)
    Review of Ray Audette's NeanderThin
  Pleomorphic | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    1. How You Rot & Rust - Introduction
    2. The pH Regulatory system of the body
  proteins | Go to group  
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    Protein-Rich Diets May Reduce Heart Disease Risk
  Reams_Biological_Theory_of_Ionization | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    An expert on the issue of protein consumption and acidification of the body
    Anionic Water, Lemon is the only anionic food, distilled water is cation free
    Another lemon drink protocol from
    Bio-Ionic Chemical Analysis
    BioMedX pH Correcting, using Reams-like analyzing
    Blowing The Lid Off Distilled Water Myths (safe afterall?)
    Dr. Gary Martin took up where Dr. Carey Rooms left off
    How to test your urine and saliva pH correctly
    How we become acid
    Interesting info on blood pH
    Introduction to the New Biology
    Monomorphism as promoted by Pasteur
    Pleomorphism as promoted by Bechamp, Enderlein, Rife, Reich, etc
    Price Pottenger - Acid Alkaline Balance and your Health
    Price-Pottenger: Aicd-Base Balance of Diets which produce immunity
    Prill Beads (Pearls) to revitalize and filter water
    Real-Time Functional Medicine and The Terrain
    Reams Biological Ionization Testing Seminar at CNHP
    Reams Biological Theory of Ionization
    REAMS Testing - Biological Ionization, Health by the Numbers
    Summary: What is pleomorphism
    The Founding Fathers - Reams Dream
    The History of the New biology (Why pleomorphism is unknown)
    The real cause of degenerative disease
    The symptoms of being acid
    Treatment of an acidified body through diet and supplements
    Treatment of ulcers: Helicobacter is the *result* of an ulcer
    Vibrational medicine, rife microscope and electro-acupuncture
    Water, H2O2, OH-, H3O2, anionic, cationic, hyper oxygenated water
    What is life - Enderlein's protits
Background Studies (Add)
    Devices for meassuring saliva pH
Warnings (Add)
    Don't use distilled water in the long run
  Rife | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    Microbe Caused Diseases
    Q & A for Rife pad electrodes units
    Questions + Answers about Rife Technology
    Questions + Answers about Rife Technology, page 2
    Rife and his cancer treatment
    Rife's discovery of the Bacillus X, which he proved caused cancer
    Royal Rife and how he discovered the cancer viruses and the frequencies that would kill them
    Some testimonials on Rife's technology
    The Rife Interview which shows many details
    What Has Become of the Rife Microscope? by Cristopher Bird (very good article)
  Sarcoidosis | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    Maharishi Health Center claims to be able to treat sarcoidosis
    Restricted diet and vitamin supplements help a lot !
    Restricted diet and vitamin supplements help a lot ! (2)
    Some user info of treating Sarcoidosis with melatonin
    Understanding Sarcoidosis, Get Healthy Again
    Use of Melatonin in the treatment of sarcoidosis
2. Medical Studies (Add)
    Melatonin for treatment of chronic refractory sarcoidosis
    Oro-facial granulomatosis. Response to elemental diet and provocation by food additives.
Testimonials (Add)
    Another testimonial of treating sarcoidosis with a restricted diet
Warnings (Add)
    Prolonged use of prednison might cause cataract`
  SCDiet | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    Breaking The Vicious Cycle - Chapter 1
    Clostridium difficile - Pathogen or pest?
    Clostridium Difficile and Older Adults: What Primary Care Providers Should Know
    Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis ( R. Hoffman, M.D.)
    Darmontsteking en darmvergiftiging veroorzaakt door antibiotica.
    Does milk really look good on you?
    Elemental diet is the preferred treatment in Japan ! : Mike's Flog :what does he eat day by day (SCD)
    How Strange Our Diet Is !
    Melk veroorzaakt allerlei ernstige ziekten
    More Bowel Bacteria Found in Digestive Diseases
    Neanderdun worden ? (BodyVitaal NL)
    Order Breaking the Vicious Cycle
    PH Balance and health
    SCD Friends - The photo's of people who regained their health - Many, many recipes
    The Goods, The Bads and the Uglies in our diet
    The Healing Crow
2. Medical Studies (Add)
    4 cases of ulcerative colitis treated successfully with an elemental diet.
    Elemental diet also effective for Ulcerative colitis
    Elemental diet in the management of Crohn's disease during pregnancy.
    Errornous study: High-Fat Diets Trigger Changes in Brain Chemistry
    In Vitro Utilization of *Starch* by Human Colonic Bacteria
    Initial response of Crohn's disease treated with elemental diet or prednisolone.
    LOTS of studies confirming the efficacy of the elemental diet for Crohn's
    Medical Proof for efficacy of SCDiet (and comparable diets)
    Remission following an elemental diet or prednisolone in Crohn's disease.
    Ten years' experience with an elemental diet in the management of Crohn's disease.
    The effect of elemental diet on intestinal permeability and inflammation in Crohn's disease.
    Voedselovergevoeligheid en Crohn/Coltiis (bevestigt SCDiet)
Background Studies (Add)
    Botanical List of Food Families
    Crohn's disease gene identified
    Detailed information on carbohydrates
    Detailed information on digestive system
    Dietary carbohydrate composition
    Don't Drink Your Milk
    Don't Drink your Milk (english)
    Elisa Alergy Testing not accurate when on SCDiet
    Hypoglycemia linked to IBD !
    Prof. Kerkuts Scientific Pages
    Stachyase and Raffinose in foods
    The principle of evolutionary discordance.
Effectiveness for other illnesses (Add)
    Hypoglycemia linked to IBD ! (correlation shown)
Similar Treatments (Add)
    Low Carbohydrate Diet
Testimonials (Add)
    An SCDiet testimonial in a US (print) Newspaper
    SCD Testimonals on
  Schizophrenia | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    Very interesting discussion on schizophrenia and diet
2. Medical Studies (Add)
    Is schizophrenia rare if grain is rare? by Dohan, Harper, Clark, Rodrigue, Zigas
  Secretin-Crohn | Go to group  
Background Studies (Add)
    Info on all enzymes and where they are produced
    Secretin for Autism/Crohn at the Edelson Center
    Your Digestive System
Effectiveness for other illnesses (Add)
    a subset of autistics -- perhaps 20 percent -- would eventually benefit from secretin.
    Secretin is also used with Cystic Fibrosis
  Skin | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    Bile Acid, low-carb diets help significantly with psoriasis
    Coconut oil, grain-free diet, fish oil, zinc and vitamin E are helpful with psoriasis
    Livers is rich in vitamin B3
    Niacin deficiency is characterized by dermatitis, diarrhea, and dementia.
    Vitamin B3 and Sun Allergy
    Vitamin B3 essential for skin, intestines and mouth
2. Medical Studies (Add)
    Role of bile acids and endotoxins in the pathogenesis and therapy of psoriasis
Background Studies (Add)
    Hydrochloric acid and its uses (for psoriasis, excema and other disease)
  Sprouting | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    The primal diet: Eat only "living" foods
  Suiker | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS)
    Insulin Resistance
    Mensen die langer dan een eeuw leven, eten weinig suiker
    Sugar and staches cause baldness in both men and women
    Wat gebeurt er als je suiker eet ?
    What You Don't Know About Blood Sugar
    What You Don't Know About Diabetes
  Sulfur | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    Autism and phenol-sulphotransferase
    Info no Molybdenum
    Medline info molybdenum
    Molybdenum info from HealthWorld
    Molybdenum: Critical Trace Mineral
    MSM is only safe when enough molybdenum is available
    MSM Promotion
    Signs of a sulfite problem
    Sulfite and ATP synthesis
  Sulphur | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    Low sulphur causes low sulfation, causing bad hormonal metabolism
    Low sulphur causes low sulfation, impairs thyroid hormone metabolism
  Sungazing | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    Sungazing Testimonials
    Sunshine deficiency diseases
  UrineTherapy | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    BioMedX - Urine Therapy
    Nexus - Urine Therapy, a Natural Alternative that Works
  Vegetarian Dangers | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    Macrobiotic vegetarian diet makes people stressed. Recovered using paleo-diet
    Myths and Truths about Nutrition (Weston A. Price)
    Myths and Truths about Soy
    Second Opinions on Vegatrianism
    The Great Fallacies of Vegetarianism by Craig Fitzroy
    The Myths of Vegetarianism
    The Myths of Vegetarianism (Full article by dr. Stephen Byrnes)
    Thinking of Going Vegan: It's not about loving animals
    Why I Am Not a Vegetarian by Dr. William T. Jarvis
Testimonials (Add)
    How veganism virtually killed me but the raw food diet cured me
  Vitamins | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    Alpha Lipoic Acid and Anthrax: Possible cure
    Chronic Fatigue and Amino Acids (and P5P)
    Excitotoxins - the ultimate brainslayer
    Excitotoxins, Neurodegeneration and Neurodevelopment
    Study: Vitamin D and safety
    Summary of the functions of different vitamins
    Vitamin B6
    Vitamin B6, pyridoxalphosphate (PLP)
    Vitamin C history and technical info
    Vitamin C primer, how to use massive doses for many diseases
    Vitamin C to cure Polio and many more
    Vitamin D: More info
    Vitamin D: Nutrition Guidelines
    Vitamin H: Biotin
  vlees | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    Bone analysis suggests Neolithic people preferred meat
    Cats and dogs should eat more meat and no carbohydrates
    Eskimo's don't even eat vegetables or fruit: Lots of fat and meat for perfect health
    Myths and Truths about Beef (Sally Falcon, Mary G. Enig)
    Myths and Truths about Mad Cow Disease BSE (Mark Purdey)
    The Basic Food Groups, or Much of What You Have Been Taught About Diet is Probably Wrong
    Traditionally Eskimos ate only meat and fish.
  Zapper | Go to group  
1. Promotions (Add)
    A Advanced 727Hz low-resistance zapper design
    An approved place to get a zapper for 10 dollars
    Bob Beck's Blood Electrifier testimonials (lots of CFS / ME ones)
    Don Croft's Zapper and the Terminator (3.92 Hz)
    Dr. Bob Beck's Blood Electrifier (specifics on)
    Effects of AC and DC frequencies on pathogens, about Rife and Clark
    Excerpt from Hulda Clark's book on the zapper
    How to use the Black Box (Bob Beck's Blood Electrifier)
    I believe there's a cure for cancer and AIDS...
    Interview with Bob Beck about his blood electrifier
    Mycoplasma's cause MS, Parkinson, CFS, etc
    Mycoplasma's cause MS, Parkinson, CFS, etc
    Mycoplasma: Lots of info on
    Potential problems with Clark's zapper
    Questions & Answers about blood electrification (1)
    Questions & Answers about blood electrification (2)
    The Kinshasha (Congo) AIDS Project (zapper)
    The Story of Blood Electrification
    Zapper Tips for efficient use
Testimonials (Add)
    Zapper testimonials as recorded by Don Croft

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