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A quick Summary
Below is a quick-summary of resepctively what's perfect, relatively good and bad to eat.

The perfect

Raw fruit
Raw vegetables
Raw nuts (peanuts and cashews aren't nuts)
Raw meat and fish
Raw egg yolks
Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Raw butter (made from raw, unheated milk)
Raw coconut fat/oil

*Note: Each time you eat fruit, be sure to eat fat afterwards, according to the 2:1 carbohydrate:fat rule
Use this Excel sheet to calculate how much fat you need to eat after eating different fruits.

The relatively good, a nice compromise

Roasted nuts
Cooked meat and fish
Cooked eggs
Cooked Vegetables
Cooked fruits
Cheese (made from raw milk)
Raw milk (goat or sheep is better than cow)
Pasturized butter (goat or sheep is better than cow)
Yoghurt made from raw milk and fermented for at least 24 hours

The (very) bad

Sugar (white, brown, beet, cane, all types)
Starch* (grains, beans, potatoes, corn, rice)
Vegetable oils (sunflower, safflower, margarine, etc)
Tofu, Soy and commercial vegetarian products

* Note: This includes bread, macaroni, spaghetti, etc
** The basic rule is: All refined foods and all foods that can't be eaten raw (if you wanted to) are unhealthy

Life-energy and electrosmog related
Don't live 30 miles near a nuclear power plant
Don't use a microwave oven
Try to replace all CRT Television sets with Liquid Crystal Display Televisions or Plasma Televisions
The same for computer monitors.. Replace with TFT Liquid Crystal Displays
Don't use fluorescent lights and low-energy lamps, replace with standard full light spectrum light bulbs
Don't use a DECT Digital Wireless telephone. The base-station sends out a very powerfull signal, 24h/24h. Replace with old analogue wireless phones, which only send when you're calling
Don't sleep on heated beds or waterbeds
Don't use smoke detectors based on radioactive material. Use photolitic smoke detectors.
Don't ever keep any radioactive material in the house, not even in a lead case.
Don't ever live near cellular phone antenna's or radar installations.
Take it easy. Do you really need to work 10+ hours a day, just for driving a big car or showing off your friends ?
Take moments to relax or meditate

Please note: The information on this website is not a recommendation for treatment. Anyone reading it should consult his/her physician before considering treatment. The author and publisher can't be held responsible for anything. Use on your own risk.