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Overview of Sungazing websites
Sungazing is the ancient practice of deriving nutritional energy directly the sun simply by gazing intently at it within an hour of sunrise or sunset. Objectives vary from person to person but most sungazers seek better mental and physical health along with a higher level of spiritual awareness. The most committed wish to achieve non-eating status leading to spiritual enlightenment. Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) has developed the methodology which he has used to achieve non-eating status for the past eight years, continuing to this day. These links represent a sampling of the online resources available for those wishing to learn about the practice, history, and science behind sungazing and related disciplines.

Credits for Rich Blumenthal for compiling this list.

Dr. Herbert Shelton
In 1934 Dr. Herbert Shelton wrote The Hygienic System, with Volume III devoted to Fasting and Sunbathing. Shelton asserts ''Gazing directly into the sun actually improves sight and aids in overcoming disease...'' Soil and Health, an organization in Tasmania, Australia, has placed the entire book online as part of its library of alternative health. This is an excellent resource that primarily explains the many healthful effects of fasting. Whether or not sungazers wish to achieve non-eating status, it is good to be aware of the potential benefits of reaching that state.

Le Sungazing (French)
French website with lots of information on sungazing

Life Mysteries Website
Life on Earth exists in large part because the sun showers the Earth with energy (light, warmth, electromagnetics, and more). But did you know that you can develop many amazing abilities, simply by looking at the sun?

Sungazing has many names, including suryanamaskar, solar gazing, solar healing, sun staring, Sun Yoga, and Solar Yoga. It involves the act of looking directly at the sun near dawn or dusk while maintaining an open heart. Starting with just a few seconds, and extending the time with each passing day by 10 seconds, until you reach a total of 45 minutes (in about 9 months).

Mysteries of the Mind Radio Interview
Mysteries of the Mind offers an online 2 hour interview of HRM that was recorded from a radio show broadcast Monday, August 16, 2004. Alex Merklingler is the host. To jump to HRMs portion of the show, skip the first 35 minutes and minutes 60 to 74.

Petes Journal
The Essene Gospel of Peace promotes sungazing as a gateway to spiritual awakening. Pete's Journal includes one man's observations on sungazing and his collection of online resources.

Pineal Gland
One could say that the way to achieve enlightenment through sungazing is to develop the pineal gland so it is capable of converting incoming sunlight into nutritional energy. Serious sungazers should learn the essential functions of the pineal gland to help them visualize, and therefore assist, this transformation.

Check these three links for more details:

Reading List
As of this writing there are no books published specifically devoted to sungazing. However there are several books that provide excellent background information and are recommended for those wishing to learn more. All of these books are available on and other online booksellers.

Light: Medicine of the Future by Dr. Jacob Liberman

The UV Advantage by Dr. Michael Holick

The Healing Sun by Dr. Richard Hobday

Human Energy Systems by Jack Schwarz

Light Years Ahead by Dr. Brian Breiling

Health and Light by John N. Ott

SolarHealing by Hira Manekji
Welcome to Solar Healing Center

The Solar Healing Center is focused on helping humanity to develop a better understanding of how the sun can be used to heal the mind, body and spirit as demonstrated by Hira Ratan Manek, who has not eaten solid food for over 7 years.

SunGazing YahooGroup
Hundreds of sungazers worldwide participate in this highly active Internet newsgroup to share information on sungazing. Hira Ratan Manek often adds his commentary along with many other knowledgeable participants. Whether you are new to sungazing or a veteran, you will find lively ongoing discussion and insightful opinions. Yahoo Groups requires that you sign up with a name and password for this free service. Vinny Pinto - scientist, mystic, and spiritual healer - created, owns, and frequently contributes to this newsgroup.
After attending HRM's lecture in Berkeley CA in November 2002, Mason Dwinell became a serious student of the HRM Practice of sungazing. This excellent website is the result of Mason's study, practice, and exploration. His insightful and thorough explanations are a *must read* for all sungazers. Mason, who can be reached at , is available for consultation in diet, health, longevity, athletic performance, and positive thinking.

Sunlight Website
Petre Liviu from Romania has collected tremendously detailed information on sungazing from years of research. His research includes the diverse history of sungazing through the ages, many health effects, numerous testimonials, and spiritual matters.

SunYoga website
Welcome to the site of Sunyogi Umasankar

This website is written on behalf of Sunyogi Umasankar, a great Indian Yogi who has recently completed a 62,000 km walk around the Indian Subcontinent to spread the message of Universal Peace, Unity and Brotherhood.

Umasankar-ji has discovered a method of absorbing energy directly from the sun, removing the need to eat, drink or sleep. This discovery has enabled him to travel through India without money or possessions, teaching people he meets along the way. This small website is intended to help Umasankar-ji spread some of his knowledge to people beyond the Subcontinent, and advertise the various different conferences that he organises in India throughout the year.

Suryayog website
''Website featuring 'Suryayog' the technique to harness the curative energies of the sun at . Suryaswami like HRM and Sunyogi is dedicated to spreading the use of the sun for healing in all areas. He is the most popular Swami speading this currently throughout India.'' (according to visitor)

Vinny Pinto's website on sungazing
Observations and Notes from a Veteran Sungazer

Vinny Pinto - scientist, mystic, and spiritual healer - has been sungazing since the late 1980s and offers many insights based on his experiences and many contacts. Vinny has written and compiled a downloadable E-book on sungazing available on this page.

Please note: The information on this website is not a recommendation for treatment. Anyone reading it should consult his/her physician before considering treatment. The author and publisher can't be held responsible for anything. Use on your own risk.