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Overview of sites that publish nice personal testimonials

Falcon Blanco: Recovering from Fibromyalgia
Recovering from Fibromyalgia
Testimonial about a personal healing process

Very interesting and detailed article on his health-quest, which started after accepting that disease is systemic and not local and that only treating local symptoms is of no use

George Eby's huge resource on treating depression
Rapid Recovery From Severe, Stress-Induced Depression Using Magnesium

This is the truly amazing story of George Eby, who cured his severe depression using simple and inexpensive magnesium-glycinate. Besides his testimonial he shows all the studies that confirm his experience..

Also be sure to check his Zinc Acetate for preventing and curing common colds.

Psoriasis Is Avoidable
Very interesting websites which shows that psoriasis can be overcome by reverting to the Paleolithic Diet. The author also explains which foods in particular cause the skin to get upset.
He proposes a new name for psoriasis: Calcium protea

From the site:
Plague Psoriasis: Most common form of Psoriasis, appears on elbows, knees, lower backs and can spread to cover large areas of torso as well. Sites of local trauma are common sites. Extremely itchy, starting as a white spot growing in size becoming a flake of dead skin surrounded by a ring of redness often wrongly diagnosed as ringworm. It grows to large scaly plague, and bleeds easily if scratched.

The only way l have been able to remove my plague psoriasis is by going on the natural diet and removing those unwanted food additives and foods. At times it covered 50% of my body, and even today, Psoriasis free, l know that if l have those which contained the trigger for Psoriasis it will be back.

A glass of soft drink (or any food with those additives) is enough when eating those trigger foods; it doesn't take much. You must Avoid those foods which contain the trigger for Psoriasis. Be patient, you will noticed the itch goes first then the flakes of dead skin stop forming, the red areas change colour eventually back to normal skin.

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