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The Truth and nothing but the Truth
Please note, this article was written when I was in a sentimental mood and should be read with a grain of salt here and there. But nonetheless it's very promising material.

I've set up this website,, at the end of 2000. On this website I've published articles on alternative health. After a while I discovered some very discerning things. At first I decided to keep my mouth shut and not write about it. Now I notice that many, many people are suffering from diseases and dying slowly, I decided to break the censorship and tell you what's really going on.

Disclaimer: Everything you will read here is my personal opinion and I use my right of free speech. You're responsible yourself for the conclusion you draw and the actions you undertake after reading the articles on this website.

A short history-course
In the 19-twenties, a very intelligent researcher, called Royal Raymond Rife, made the most amazing discovery in the history of medical science. He developed and built himself the world's most powerful microscope. The Rife Microscope should have caused a major breakthrough and revolution in medicine. Rife could make visible bacteria and viruses below his microscope in very high detail. His microscope was able to magnify up a whopping 60,000 times. He could real-time see and research the biological processes going on in the micro-world of bacteria and viruses. The modern electron-microscope is useless because all life below it is killed, so it's impossible to see what's really happening in the world of bacteria and viruses.

Royal Raymond Rife's Universal Microscope

Rife's revolutionary findigs
Below the microscope he saw things happen, that no man had seen before: He saw polymorf, very tiny bacteria. These bacteria (or were it viruses) could transform into four very different forms. One of these forms was a bacilli, which Rife called the Bacilli X (Reich discovered these later independently and called them T-Bacilli). The Bacilli X (Short BX) could make human cells turn into cancerous cells. Yes, you're reading it right: Cancer-causing bacteria !

Besides that, what was perhaps even more important, Rife managed to find a way to selectively kill bacteria and viruses inside a human body. After lots of research he discovered that each bacteria and each virus has its own life-frequency. He created long lists of frequencies by testing specy by specy. Next, Rife built a very advanced device that would send a wave of energy, which oscillated at one specific frequency into a body. The result is, that the bacteria with the life-frequency equal to the frequency the Rife-machine was set to, would start to resonate, and just like a glass that breaks when it's hit by the right frequency, the bacteria would die. Very soon, he had great success killing the BX and also Anthrax and other mean viruses and bacteria.

Cancer treatment with 100% success rate
After a trial, in which 16 terminally ill cancer-patients were radiated by the Rife Machine at the frequency of the cancer-bacteria, BX, it showed very soon that with Rife had discovered a 100%-succes-rate cancer treatment. The patients were examined by medical doctors: All 16 patients recovered within months and no signs of the cancer were found. Soon after, a banquet was held were many of the then-famous doctors and researchers raised their glass to the End of all disease.

Rife died as a poor man
Alas, shortly afterwards, all doctors and researchers that just before had raised their glasses to Rife, claimed they had never seen or spoken to Rife. They had all been photographed however at the banquet. Since then, Rife has been ridiculed and he was made out to be a madman. Rife was able to prove his findings to anyone who dared to see through his amazingly complex microscope. His attackers never saw through his microscope and told him he was seeing ghosts. The same happened to Galileo, who claimed that the Sun was the center of our "Solar"system and not the earth. He was ridiculed and nobody would even see through his telescope to observe the proof. Rife, the man that made the most important discovery in the history of medical science, got depressed and turned into an alchoholic. He died, years later, as a poor and desolate man. Read more about Rife's findings here and here. Read here about Rife's laboratorium findings, among which the frequencies of Anthrax. And also check

Rife's discovery of the Bacillus X (T-Bacilli)
Under his microscope, at 20,000X, the tube now teemed with animated forms measuring only 1/20 by 1/15 of a micron — much smaller than any known bacteria. They refracted a purplish-red color in the specific light beam.

He called this form Bacillus X and, later, because it was so much smaller than other bacilli, and perhaps because of the filtrability controversy, BX virus. This problem of nomenclature can be resolved herein by referring to Rife’s organism as a BX for, or simply BX.

Because he could culture his BX form, so small it would pass through any filter, he seemed to have discovered a filtrable form of a bacterium. But just finding bacteria, even in filtrable form, in a human tumor does not necessarily imply that they are its cause. To make sure, it is held they must be reinjected into animals and seen to cause the same or nearly similar disease, after which they must then be reisolated and shown to resemble the original organism. These were the postulates propounded by the German pioneer bacteriologist, Robert Koch, who proved that tuberculosis was apparently caused by the tubercule bacillus.

Following this accepted procedure, Rife inoculated the new BX forms into over 400 rats in all of which there subsequently appeared "tumors with all the true pathology of neoplastic tissue." Some of the tumors became so large they exceeded the total weight of the individual rats in which they were developing. When the tumors were surgically removed, the BX form was recovered from them in all cases. Koch’s postulates were fulfilled.

Rife's invention was a big threat to the pharmaceutical industry.
Rife's invention: The treatment of cancer and all diseases caused by viruses or bacteria for an extremely low price was a big thread to the massive pharmaceutical industry. From statistics, it shows that a cancer-patient in the 21st century costs about 200,000 dollar. Rife's treatment would cost a small fraction of that. Perhaps a few hundred dollars. The pharmaceutical industry worldwide is good for dollar, that is 1 trillion dollars. You will understand that the pharmaceutical industry won't like this article. Luckily more and more of these article start to appear on the internet. The internet will start the revolution that will force the pharmaceutical industry to their knees.

What is going wrong ?
A whole lot, I can guarantee you. Let's start by describing the large tentacles of the pharmaceutical industry. These reach a lot farther that you might imagine. Virtually no illness-foundation will publish any objective article on the alternative treatments. I don't even need to prove it. Just take a look at the large list of sponsors of the Belgian Crohn's association. My experiences with the Dutch Crohn's association are terrible. They first just didn't reply to my requests to publish an objective article on the SCDiet. After many calls they told me the article would be reviewed first my the "Medical Advisory". That was the last I heard from them. Many stories like this one are heard a whole lot. Articles on low-cost treatments, which the pharmaceuticals can't make money on, will always be denied for publication. I have lost faith in many of the illness-foundations. Do you doubt the independence and objectivity of your illness-foundation, then ask them to send you a list of their sponsors and also check if their articles are objective.

This is only the top of iceberg: The media is also infected. In The Netherlands we found proof that one of the leading national newspaper employs journalists that are directly related to the Anti-Quack. Guess who is the biggest sponsor of the anti-quack ? If you doubt: Search and thou shalt find.

Universities also controlled by the pharmaceutical industry
Minister Jorritsma from The Netherlands wished for a greater commercial involvement in the study-programs of the universities. She doesn't understand that this would mean the end of the independence and objectivity of the science, being teached at the universities. I also study at the Dutch university and was forced to endure the negative effects of the commercial involvement in science. It really made me sick. We were forced to use less-efficient solutions for our problems. Medicine-related studies are much more involved in these scams. Even after the study, most, if not all medical studies, doctors get to see, are sent by the pharmaceutical industry. Doctors don't read any objective studies anymore. They only read how good drug A works to help reduce symptom X. There are no drugs that heal or cure. Drugs only alleviate a bit and mostly cause new symptoms. That way, the pharmaceutical industry protects its big market for their drugs. Doctors get bonuses from the pharmaceuticals when they only use their medicine and not the competitors medicine, even though it might work better in some cases. Results of "independent" research are incomplete and don't show the negative aspects of the drugs.

I don't ask you to believe me instantly. I ask you to get more critical. Ask for a list of sponsors, ask why there is no info on alternative medicine. I ask you to doubt the opinion of your physician and to research yourself.

Suppression of many revolutionary research
Dr. Robert Becker had successfully demonstrated how to regrow a limb of a rat by using electromagnetic stimulation. When he published his findings and made clear he wanted to proceed his research on humans, his scientifical fundings were withdrawn instantly. His wrote his findings in his book: The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life. In this book he also writes about the massive dangers of the electromagnetic fields in our daily life. This, again is only the tip of the iceberg.
Wilhelm Reich, who also discovered the cancer-causing bacilli, was forced to burn all his books. He had discovered another successfull way to treat cancer in the 1950ies. He was thrown in jail and died just a few weeks before his parole. And then there is DMSO, which was instantly banned in the USA by the FDA once it became apparent it could treat many disease and act as a strong painkiller without major side-effects. Please, also check the book reviews.
Hulda Clark, the woman who invented the zapper, which also treats many diseases, is thrown in jail many times. There are many more examples of how revolutionary research is being suppressed. I forget to mention Lakhovsky en Bob Beck who, respectively, invented the Multi-Wave Oscillator and the blood electrifier. Lakhovsky was hit by a big black hit-and-run car. Very suspicious.

Cancer is becoming a larger problem every year. More and more people get cancer early in life. Recent statistics show that men have a 1-in-2 lifetime risk to develop a cancer. For women this risk is 1-in-3. The last few decades, cancer has started to reach epidemic proportions. Just ask around: You'll be astonished by the large numbers of people that have gotten cancer (or have already died). Then ask your parents or older people if this also happened in their generation.

Not many people know it, but please take a look at these statistics:
The cancer death rate in 1900 was 64 per 100,000 Americans. In 1950, this figure has risen to 130 and currently, it's at an all time high of 140-150. We've got many new treatments (chemo-therapy, radiotion, etc), but the numbers keep rising. If this trend continues, cancer will become the leading death cause before 2010.
Please check all figures in this article.

The disstressing fact is that the cancer-incidences will continue to rise to extreme levels. This shows clearly that the treatments haven't gotten better in the last century and that there are factors that cause more and more cancer.

These factors have much to do with diet, lifestyle and modern applications of electricity, radioactivity and radiation (cellular phone, radio). This will never be acknowledged in the near future. The simple solutions that automatically follow when one sees what causes cancer, would only benefit the people. A healthy population will not make the pharmaceutical industry happy (remember: 1 trillion dollars a year). Alas, money means more than ethics to many people. That's the way our world runs: It's all about money !

A promising treatment for cancer
A very promising (part of a) treatment for cancer is in fact relatively simple. One risk is that the treatment works too fast and that the liver or kidneys can't get rid of the toxins inside the tumors. Please read more about the treatments in the Cancer-article.

Can AIDS be treated with a 10-dollar device ?
AIDS might be treated successfully with energy-medicine. By using a machine comparable to a Rife-machince, the AIDS-causing-agent (HIV retrovirus, bacteria, or mycoplasma, whatever it is) can be stunned or even killed. The "Zapper" only costs about 10 euro's and when mass-produced even less. With each zapper, 24 persons can be healed each day. (treatment takes 1 hour). One shipload full of zappers should be sent over to the continent of Africa to once and for all get rid of the probably-human-made AIDS.
Generally, heterosexual promiscuousness has no correlation to AIDS, and itself is not a risk factor. N.B. The Western "AIDS" and African "AIDS" are to completely different disease. Read the truth behind AIDS.

Treatment for death-cause number 1: Heart-disease This is very easy. Stop eating the poisons in the Western Diet: No more bread, corn, pasta, sugar- or grain-containing foods. The SCDiet, the Paleolithic diet or the Atkins Diet would be a very good start.

Treatment and prevention of Diabetes 2
The same solution: Get rid of the large amount of carbohydrates in your diet

Many other diseases can be treated: Check the list on and search the internet.


Please note: The information on this website is not a recommendation for treatment. Anyone reading it should consult his/her physician before considering treatment. The author and publisher can't be held responsible for anything. Use on your own risk.