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Vegetarian Diets
Many people, eating a vegetarian diet are convinced that it's very healthy, but in the end they suffer from depression, overweight and most other modern diseases. I always thought all vegetarian diets were very unhealthy, but I thinks there might possibly be an exception.

Vegetarian diets which include cooked foods are very unhealthy
The problem with the modern implementation of a vegetarian diet is that it includes cooked foods in the diet. The worst foods are the soy beans, the tofu, the grains and the sugars. It's of no use to eat these foods organic when they are unhealthy anyway. Most vegetarian diets also lack fat content and the fat they do eat are unhealthy poly-unsaturated (vegetable) fats.

A healthy vegetarian diets might exist, but it's fully raw
A fully raw, unrefined vegetarian diet is the only potential healthy vegetarian diet available. You can't eat grains or beans raw, so these are excluded from the diet immediately. Instead you will need to eat more fats: Raw butter and cream are the best. Cold pressed Virgin Olive oil, and coconut oil come in second. Raw nuts also contain healthy fats. You should eat at least 1 gram of fat for every 2 grams of carbohydrates you eat. Eggs are very important. You need several eggs a day, preferably raw. Without the eggs, you won't get the needed fats, B-vitamins, cholesterol and as an effect your brains will primarily suffer and the potential of developing depression, neurosis, schizophrenia etc is quite high.

Gandhi was a healthy vegetarian
What did Gandhi eat ? He ate eggs, cheese, cream, butter and nuts. But is this actually a vegetarian diet ? Almost all the foods are produced by animals... Anyway, I think that's the only possibility of living healthy without animal meats.

Myth: Hitler was a very unhealthy vegetarian
For the record: Some people believe Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian. Hitler, at age 50, suffered from such an advanced atherosclerotic Parkinsonism, that his left hand was totally paralysed and this is blamed on his being a vegetarian, which he wasn't.
More on this here.

So, what's the problem with cooked and refined foods
Soy beans are toxic raw, but can be eaten when cooked. But guess what happens to the proteins when they are cooked: They start to crosslink, creating mutagenic, carcinogenic substances and also appetite enhancers. Besides that soy contains hormone-like substances that upset the hormone balance in your body, causing menstrual problems in women. Soy beans (and all other beans) are also full of anti-nutrients, which bind to essential minerals and vitamins, rendering them unusable.
Refined foods are a lot of calories without the needed minerals and vitamins. When you eat sugar, your body will need to take chromium from the blood to metabolise it correctly. So each time you eat sugar, your chromium levels will get lower and lower, resulting in deficiencies over time. The same happens to magnesium and other minerals and vitamins. The magnesium deficiency will cause bipolar depressions and also asthma and high blood pressures.
Sugars and starches also increase the bloodsugar levels to very high, dangerous levels, depressing immunity, liquifying the cell membrames, causing the liver to produce more cholesterol to fix the cell membrames and the high blood sugars also damage the arteries and the heart.
There's also a lot of logic behind it.. No animal in nature develops cancer, diabetes, overweight, etc in the ratio's we humans do on our "healthy" modern diet. The main difference is that animals in the wild eat all foods raw and unrefined and we are eating everything cooked and as refined possible. Just think about it...

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